Why our taste for music differs

Published On: April 23, 2017 11:10 PM NPT By: Akanksha Budha

KATHMANDU, April 23: People’s taste in music has been evolving over time. From classical music to hip-hop to pop/rock, people have been prioritizing different genres of music throughout their generations. Today’s modern music seems to be leaning more towards pop, EDM and hip-pop.

Today’s generation prefers preppy or trap music to which we can bust a move anywhere, anytime. 

Most of today’s songs consist of singers, rappers singing/rapping using numerous cuss words, giving preference to sex and drugs. They are preppy, cool and something that you can ‘dab’ on. Youngsters have been attracted to this kind of music because they are seemingly popular and renowned. They don’t care if it makes absolutely no sense at all or whether it contains cuss words. 

Most of the youngsters only care about following the mainstream culture or ‘the trend’ as we like to call it. But on the other hand, our values and music have changed so much throughout all these years.

Changes in our perspectives on different subjects, our choice of clothes and our taste in music can be prominently seen. Before these kinds of provocative, obscene, explicit things would be excessively frowned upon in our society but now it’s quite normal to hear this kind of music in cars, houses, on people’s playlist. This kind of music is a kind of rude awakening to us about how our society actually works in the bitterest way possible. When people need escape they find themselves at the doorstep of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. These kinds of music try to portray how our world has become and why people are the way they are. 

Let’s just say modern day music has influenced us in countless ways. Music’s sole purpose is to give life to things that seemed lifeless. Music has always been our companion, our savior and our medicine.

It has always helped us get through tough times, made our happy times more joyous and let’s not forget get over break ups. Music is a healer and no matter in which genre it is still beautiful. Music is still music and will always remain in our lives as a source of happiness and comfort in our fast paced lives. 

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