Why do you press like on Facebook?

Published On: November 29, 2016 11:15 PM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

How do you think the number of likes increases for a user on a Facebook page? Why are people so happy if the likes on their shared photographs crosses hundred and fifty or so? What makes you like a status or a post? In which frame of thought does one actually click the like button? I have had this question to myself for long and here are a few answers, as per my experience:

•    Someone who is on your Facebook list and likes each of your post, you tend to like what she/he writes as well. I guess this is a form of gratitude that we give to the other one even if we hardly know them. We are somewhere obliged to be thanking for all the likes been showered by them.

•    Many of such likes that we give are half hearted, even if we genuinely don’t like something; we press the button because our mouse has reached the ‘like’ section.

•    Some of us are just bored and we start liking each and everything on our news feed.

•    I feel it is one of the most easiest thing to do while you are on Facebook as it requires no creativity, expression and most importantly no words.

•    We like some posts of friends whom we adore, regardless if of the matter. This is just for the love of our friend.

•    How can we forget the times that we love the picture, adore it to the core, but do not want to be the first one liking it, making us feel like a social addict?

•    The notion behind like could be when the post is so popular that we forcefully click the like button as we are influenced by the other people liking it before us.

•    The times when we are trying to get an attention from the long time crush that we have had. I am sure many of us have clicked the like for this reason.

There is a certain level of satisfaction and contentment to be seeing the likes on one’s timeline, while there are some people liking their own status right after posting it. That’s such a disaster move but people can do anything for online gratification. 

Shikha is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal.

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