'Who’s a communist in Nepal?'

Published On: October 26, 2017 05:05 PM NPT

“When everyone has accepted old regime, how can there be ‘leftist’?”  is what Mohan Baidhya (Kiran), General Secretary of a CPN-Revolutionary  Maoist opines in an interview with Radio Nagarik. Suggesting that the newly formed alliance of CPN-Maoist (center) and CPN-UML was rightist and opportunist and not leftist as promised, Baidhya argues neither Prachanda, Baburam or Badal are communists.

“I had immense respect and faith towards Prachanda, Baburam and Badal. While they did good in the beginning, they later accepted the old establishment. That was not our aim. We could not achieve what we aspired for from the People’s Revolution. To the decade long revolt: “We neither lost or won. We just stumbled!”

Listen to Baidhya’s full interview in Nepali here :


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