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Published On: September 6, 2019 10:25 AM NPT By: URZA ACHARYA

There is no dearth of online food delivery options in Kathmandu. Of late, there seems to be many new services coming up. However, when it comes to consistent, healthy and genuinely good food, the numbers tend to drop low. When cooking becomes a hassle or when you don’t have enough time to go out to eat at work, food delivery is the only way to go. Meals on Wheels Ktm is one such food delivery service that is not only efficient but delivers good, homely food at affordable rates.

Started by Goldi Shrestha and Prayash Pradhan, Meals on Wheels Ktm began operation from February this year. Initially, it was a small-scale home-based business but today Meals on Wheels Ktm caters to many regular customers and corporate houses and supplies food at various other events six days of the week. 

Anyone interested in ordering food from Meals on Wheels Ktm can go to their Instagram or Facebook page and choose from a wide range of options. Moreover, office goers can put in an order for Daily Corporate Lunches (DCM) that saves you the hassle of having to go out for lunch on a daily basis. What’s more, the meals they provide are delicious and nutritious as well.

According to Pradhan, social media has helped bring them closer to their consumers. “Rather than being about just an order through a website, we prefer to personally get acquainted with people who order our food so that we can recognize their preferences the next time they choose to order from us,” he explains. 

Initially, the whole idea of Meals and Wheels Ktm was to serve dishes from all over the world with a Nepali twist. A few of the dishes they first introduced were the barbeque sadheko and the fried chicken choila, which were both Nepali renditions of continental food. “However, we realized that a limited menu was not enough. So we introduced curries, health-centric food as well as popular Nepali dishes in our menu,” says Shrestha.

Similarly, the team at Meals on Wheels Ktm also believes in creating an open as well as a safe working space where the staff are happy, healthy and enjoy their work. “The mood, as well as the effort put in by the chef and staff, spills onto the overall taste of a dish,” says Pradhan adding that this is why they believe in creating a pleasant work atmosphere. 

Along with the three dishes mentioned here, their bestsellers include the dragon ball chicken wings (available in four spice levels), America fried chicken, chicken bites and fried rice. As they are located in Imadol, Lalitpur, it’s quite convenient for them to deliver in Lalitpur and Kathmandu as well as various places in Bhaktapur. 

Himalayan Momo
Price: Rs 150
| ***   
This is your average momo – simple and the best. However, one important aspect of this momo is that it feels fresher and lighter than most momos. Inspired by the lightness of Tibetian cuisine, these dumplings are easy on the stomach. And all in all, they are pretty delicious - especially when paired with the delectable tomato chutney. Similarly, the price is pretty reasonable for a full plate of momos. You can ordered vegetarian and chicken momos with different options like steam, fried, sadheko, bhutuwa, chilly and jhol. 

Mac and Cheese
Price: Rs 290
| ***    
The Mac and Cheese is served on a microwave friendly plastic container and I recommend you microwave the dish before consuming (as the cheese might have slightly hardened during delivery). After all this, what you get is a creamy pasta doused in Alfredo sauce and topped with a shameless amount of soft and fluid mozzarella cheese. The olives and other condiments add a nice freshness to an otherwise heavy dish. For people who love subtle and natural flavors, the mac and cheese will please your palate. However, for anyone with a need for that tang and explosion of spices, the dish might be a bit bland. 

Dragon Ball
Rs 270 | **** 
Dragon ball is truly a dish for the Nepali palate. It is concentrated with all sorts of spices and condiments, and the sauce is rich and has a kick to it. The meat balls are basically drowning in the sauce and have taste and texture of their own as well as the sauce’s. And what's new is that the dragon ball can be ordered in four spice levels: low, medium, spicy and nuclear. According to the team, only two “nuclear” orders have been placed and gloves were sent with the food. The one photographed here is medium and is pretty spicy for anyone with an average spice tolerance. The dish goes well with mac and cheese as well as fried rice. 

Meals on Wheels
Opening hours: 11 am to 6 pm (Sunday to Friday)
Order through: Instagram and Facebook 
Payment: Cash on delivery or through E-sewa
For events:     Call 9801558408


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