Who can stop you from dreaming?

Published On: April 25, 2017 11:10 PM NPT By: Divya Prakash Yadav

“How can I be successful in life?” This is a common question with people all across the world. The only answer to this question is to follow your dreams. We all have a dream to become something and achieve something in future. We might see ourselves as a world famous scientist, an astronaut, a dancer, an actor, singer or many other professionals in various fields. Everybody dreams big when they are young but seem to forget to work hard and tend to procrastinate.

As we grow up with the harsh reality that money is important, then dream hits us and we stop following our dreams. We start earning money and start depending on materialistic things to fulfill our dream without any dedication which is the main obstacle between us and our dream.

If we dream about something we must make it come true with hard work and effort. Nowadays, people have developed a tendency to accept what life throws in their face instead of trying achieving what they deserve. They think that it’s their destiny or the plan of some supernatural power. They think that they can’t change it which mentally stops them from fulfilling their dreams.

The truth is everybody has the power to change the situation of their life. Our destiny depends upon us and our hard work .We should blame ourselves for giving up our dreams for present comfort. Not working to fulfill the dream is a problem. Dreaming and then working for it helps us to achieve success. Our dreams help us to get over our failures. It makes our entire life worth living. It is what gives us courage to fight against our problems. A man without a dream is like a body without a soul.

Once we fulfill our dreams we can become a source of inspiration to others who are suffering and working hard to fulfill their own dreams.

Everyone has the ability to dream big and achieve it. Dreaming about impossible things and working hard for it might make it possible but only with patience. We all know that a person who dreams for stars at least reaches the moon. The only way to fulfill our dream is to start working hard from now. If someone says your dreams are worthless stand up and prove them wrong with your success even if there is no one supporting you.

Divya is grade 10 student at GEMS

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