Whereabouts of 54 women still unknown

August 18, 2018 19:06 PM Republica

KANCHANPUR, Aug 18: Only 24 women, out of 78, who had been reported missing from three municipalities of Kanchanpur last fiscal year, have been found so far.

According to the Area Police Office, Jhalari, the whereabouts of 54 women went missing from Bedkot, Shuklafanta and Krishnapur municipalities still remains unknown. Among the missing, most of are married whose spouses have gone for foreign employment.

The office received reports about their disappearances by their families with the requests for searching for them. 

No missing woman, however, was suspected to have been trafficked. Most of the missing women belong to the 20-40 age group. The number includes women above 50 as well. Similarly, nine children, out of 11, reported disappeared in the same period from these municipalities, have been found. 

Some of the missing people are believed to have come into contact with their families, but are still missing in police reports as new developments went unreported to the police. 


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