What to wear when you are working from home

Published On: April 3, 2020 08:55 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

You might think working from home means you don’t have to bother yourself with getting ready and looking proper. But you might not be able to get away with wearing pajamas all the time when you’re working from home. Besides being a little too casual for important meetings that happen over video calls, wearing pajamas (when you’re working) might trick your brain to become lazy and unproductive. Here are some ways you can dress up to work from home while still being comfortable and without it taking too much time and effort.

Opt for flowy and loose pants
If you’re working from home, chances are that you will probably spend a lot of time on the couch or the bed or in a cozy corner of your room slouching, legs crossed or propped up on the table—basically in the comfiest position possible. The one thing you want to avoid in this situation is wearing tight and fitting pants that will make it hard for you to get comfortable unless you are sitting upright on a chair. This is the perfect time to bring out all those loose and flowy pants and style them the best you can because loose doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Also, because the weather is slowly getting warmer every day, flowy pants that don’t stick to your legs are just perfect right now.

Make leggings your new best friend
If loose and baggy trousers aren’t your thing, then try wearing a pair of leggings. Although leggings are skintight, they are made from fabrics that are incredibly stretchy and allow a lot of mobility. These fabrics are also generally light and breathable and thus super comfortable. Alternatively, you could also wear a pair of jeggings—which are basically jeans leggings. Wearing jeggings will make you look and feel more put together and smart (than leggings) but they’re just as comfortable as a pair of leggings. A pair of leggings with a flowy top might just give you the right amount of comfort
and appropriateness needed to work from home.

A comfy hoodie can save the day

Hoodies are arguably the most comfortable clothing items that ever existed. And if you’re working from the confines of your own home, why not take advantage of that and just spend your entire day snuggled up in your favorite hoodie. Hoodies are also incredibly versatile pieces—especially if you’re spending the entire day indoors—because you can wear them as pajama tops, you can wear them when you’re working out and you can wear them when you attend those online classes and meetings. Basically, this is one piece that can be styled to suit whatever purpose you want it to.

Swap the hoodie for a camisole if it’s too hot
The only downside to hoodies is that they are essentially meant to be worn when it’s cold, or at the very least when the weather is slightly chilly. So, now that we can finally start saying goodbye to winter and hello to summer, hoodies might not be the best clothing option—especially if you are someone who prefers to be a little chilly than warm to be comfortable. This is where camisoles can come to your rescue. They are just as versatile and comfortable as hoodies, if not more. But unlike hoodies, they are essentially meant to be worn during summer.

Pick a fancy blouse for that Zoom meeting
If you think hoodies and camisoles are a tad bit inappropriate for formal Zoom meetings and Skype
conferences, then opt to wear a blouse or a button-down. These will make you look formal and chic and because most blouses and button-downs are loose-fitting, they are also very comfortable to wear. Also, because of the other party—whoever is on the other side of that Skype call—will only see half of you, you could just wear a pair of joggers or leggings as your bottoms. But if you want to actually dress up, pair your blouse with a pair of loose flowy trousers for a done up and sophisticated but comfortable look.

Style your hair

Since you aren’t actually heading out, you probably don’t want to spend hours perfecting your hair and putting it into an extravagant updo. Instead, try out a simple hairstyle, like braids or plaits that keep your hair away from your face the whole day and takes very little time to fix. You could also gather all your hair into a topknot, but only half of it up in either a ponytail or a small bun, or make a low ponytail. Add a few colorful clips or hair accessories if you want to make them look even more stylish but just leaving these hairstyles as they are work too. Alternatively, you could also part your hair and keep it in place with either a bunch of matching bobby pins (on each side) or a cute headband.

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