What to do when your job changes overnight

Published On: January 30, 2017 11:10 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

You’re in a groove at work and everything feels about as normal as it could and then suddenly, you find out that your list of responsibilities is changing dramatically. 

It’s completely understandable to freak out a bit when this happens to you. But before you jump to any conclusions, take these steps.

Step away from your desk and breathe
When you stepping away for a few minutes, even if it’s just to grab a cup of coffee, you will be able to communicate how you are feeling much more effectively. There’s a lot of value in giving yourself a breather. Take a short stroll around the neighborhood to clear your mind. And while this may not necessarily solve any of your problems, it will keep you from lashing out in a way that wouldn’t have been productive for anyone involved.

After all, it’s only natural to want to flip your desk (oh? Only me?) when you learn your day-to-day is about to change. But instead of panicking, take a quick walk—it’ll make a difference.

Write down your new responsibilities
How often do you hear something is changing at work and immediately assume that it’s because you’re being demoted? It would be a lie to say that people don’t jump straight to this conclusion. And even though this fear might be based on reality, you won’t know that until you take some time to evaluate what’s changing.

When you take time to write down your new responsibilities you might even find that this new job will help you use your skills in more practical way. Of course, depending on your situation, the results of this exercise will vary. However, knowing just how drastically your day-to-day’s changing will give you a better idea of what to expect and whether this can be considered positive growth or a red flag as to your current standing at the company.

Decide if these changes still align with your career goals
At the end of the day, change is hard. On top of that, it’s challenging not to brace yourself for a period in which you’re miserable and can’t see a way out.

While a lot of people in your life will tell you to ‘be a trooper’ and just roll with the punches, it’s also important for you to evaluate whether or not this still aligns with your career goals. Sure, you might find that even though things changed overnight, your job is still relevant to what you want to be doing for the long-term. But if you realize that your role changed overnight and no longer leads you down the path you want to be on, that’s perfectly alright.

If you’re able to be transparent with your boss, don’t be afraid to discuss how you feel.

But if you work for someone you know wouldn’t want to hear about it, you’re not breaking any rules by considering new jobs that put you back on the career path you want.


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