What’s your guilty pleasure?

Published On: September 20, 2019 09:35 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Life would be boring if we didn’t do the stuff we know we shouldn’t and just focused on what’s important. There are some things we love doing even though eventually, we end up feeling bad about it. Case in point could be Saturday mornings when we sleep till one because of a hangover or indulging in a thick slab of chocolate cake and then one more. But guilty pleasures are necessary. They give you the much-needed respite in life. You just have to be able to rein yourself in. We asked some people about their guilty pleasure and we could really relate to the answers. 

Rajasi Niraula

Where do I begin? My exams are starting soon but on most days you will find me up till four in the morning watching one YouTube video after another. My recent obsession is the channel Jubilee with videos like ‘Roommates Play An Honest Game Of Never Have I Ever’, which have no real use in life but still, there I am, munching on roti and chocolate jam (another guilty pleasure) while the rest of my family members are sleeping. I often find myself contemplating on what I’m doing with my life when I’m watching these videos but I also know I won’t stop watching them either. 

Juna Sharma

I have a sweet tooth. I like all things sweet and really can’t stop myself from eating sweet things if they are placed in front of me. But I know it’s bad for health and that I should really limit my sugar intake. I’m also trying to keep my weight in check and having too much sugar makes me put on weight at an alarming rate. So, that’s my guilty pleasure – sweet food items. I’m trying to control my intake of sugar, especially processed sugar, these days though. It’s hard because sweet things just make me really happy.

Rajiv Prajapati

I recently started working and I know I should also start saving and putting aside some money on a regular basis. But my spending habits are a little crazy. I don’t know where my money has gone till it’s gone. I really haven’t been able to keep a track of it. Money burns a hole in my pocket because if I have it I have to spend it. You could say it’s my guilty pleasure. Also, I don’t seem to be able to resist eating pani puri. It might be a stretch to call it an addiction but it seems like it when I crave it. I often find myself drawn, as if by magnetic force, to pani puri stalls. I have been late to meetings and events because of it.

Amit Khanal

I have to travel a lot for work but fortunately I also really like traveling. So I travel very often both within Nepal and abroad too. And besides travelling for work, I also travel a lot just for fun. But unfortunately traveling this often also means I end up spending a lot of money. Another area where I spend a lot of money is on night outs. I like going out with my friends, dancing the night away, and enjoying myself but again doing all this often costs a lot of money. I know I should cut down on going out but I’ve not been able to do so. 

Shreya Khawas 

My guilty pleasure consists of regularly treating myself to the things I love eating although I’m aware about the consequences and I know you aren’t supposed to eat sugary stuff very often. A part of me is constantly telling myself that a little extra weight isn’t that bad, which is a positive attitude, but it doesn’t really help me make good decisions. What can an extra scoop of ice cream possibly do? That tiny candy just melts in my mouth, what effect can it have? Never say no to dumplings and I might regret not eating it when I feel hungry are just some things that not only me but most of us tell ourselves. So treating myself to appetizing food is my guilty pleasure. You could say I find it impossible to resist good food. 

Prazwol Acharya

I think many can relate to it when I say video games are my guilty pleasure. I can spend hours playing video games, and it won’t even feel like I’ve spent so much time on it. Sometimes I tend to ignore important works to play just a little more. Another one of my guilty pleasures is the game called Cat’s Cradle. I love the feeling of the thread on my hands as I try to make complicated patterns. But I have never told my friends just how much I like it. It’s something I enjoy doing secretly. But now that I’ve mentioned it here, I guess it’s not a secret anymore. 

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