What’s On My Phone with Sugam Singh

Published On: July 13, 2018 11:45 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Second year IT student, Sugam Singh is also a freelance model and a freelance photographer. During his leisure time – if he ever gets any that is – he pursues other hobbies like calligraphy and coding.

The Week wanted to take a peek into his phone to find out what all he uses to manage and organize his very busy life, and Singh was gracious enough to allow us to have a detailed look inside the gadget that neatly holds much of his life inside it. 

The smartphone I’m using 
right now
I’m using the iPhone 6 plus. I bought it about two years ago and have been using it since then. It’s been working well and I don’t plan on updating it anytime soon though I know there are newer versions of the iPhone out already and people have been raving about them. I prefer iOS smartphones than android phones because it’s so much more user friendly. 

My phone rituals
My phone is the first thing I check when I wake up and the last thing I use before I go to bed. I let it charge throughout the night and the battery usually lasts throughout the day without me having to recharge it. I also sanitize my phone every week or so. Apparently, more bacteria are present on your phone than a toilet flush. I just wipe it thoroughly with a hand sanitizer. But these days you also get these antibacterial phone wipes that rid your phone of all the germs that have accumulated on it. 

For music
I use the default app on the iPhone for music. There’s a kind of a hassle while listening to songs with an iPhone because you have to buy them through iTunes and transferring songs from your laptop can be a nightmare sometimes. I have 200+ songs in my phone. The artist whose songs I have the most is Sam Smith. I have downloaded all of his albums and listen to him very often.

Social media apps I use the most
Among the social media sites, I use Instagram the most. It’s really popular these days. I mostly use it to connect to people. There are some people I talk to often but only through Instagram direct messages. We don’t even have each other’s number. But I’m slowly trying to limit my social media use and the time I spend on it. I believe we should be the ones using social media, social media shouldn’t be using us or ruling our lives. So, I try to retract every time I realize I’m leaning towards the latter.

Apps I use when I’m bored
In my free time or whenever I’m a bit bored, I’m either on 8 Ball Pool, Ludo Neo-Classic or Word Link. Ludo Neo-Classic is the first ever variant of the Ludo game available on mobile and it’s something my friends and I pull out if we’re ever bored. I find Word Link fun too. It’s kind of like a digital version of Scrabble. You get to work on your vocabulary and it’s really fun to play as well. 

An app I’d recommend everyone to download
Be My Eyes is a great app that I wish more people knew about. It connects blind individuals to ones with sight to assist blind people in their lives. They can need help with anything from knowing the expiry date on milk, to making sure that their clothes match and, when they make a request on the app, they are connected with people with sight within 60 seconds. It’s a great app and I like the fact that I can be of some help through my phone. 

Apps I learn from
I’m trying to learn French and Duolingo has been a great help for this. It’s a freemium app that provides 68 different course covering 28 different languages. It has many elements that you uncover while progressing through your course that make learning quite interesting. If you want to learn any language, Duolingo is the app you should download on your phone. You don’t need another language app if you have this and the bite-sized courses are fun and make it easy for you to grasp new words and phrases. 

Apps I use to handle finance
I don’t really use apps to manage my finances or pay bills but I find eSewa really convenient when I need to make quick payments. You can make all sorts of payments with it. You can recharge your phone, pay the internet bills, and even buy movie tickets. But I don’t have my own account on eSewa. I use it from my mom’s phone.

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