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What’s on my phone with Karma Yangzen Lama Yolmo

Published On: June 15, 2018 07:58 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

17-year-old Karma Yangzen Lama Yolmo’s covers of popular English and Nepali songs create quite the buzz on social media. As a Nepali Instagrammer and YouTuber, Yolmo has gathered over 20k followers on Instagram and more than 5k subscribers on her YouTube channel. For someone who’s so active on social media, her smartphone is essential to her existence. Here she gives us a sneak peek inside her phone. 

The phone I’m using
I’m using the iPhone 7 plus. My dad gave me this phone about four months ago after my previous phone (iPhone 6s) stopped working. He was using this phone when he passed it on to me. It’s been working well for me so I don’t think I will be upgrading my phone anytime soon.

What’s on my homescreen 
My friend took this picture of Boudha and I really like it. In the original picture, I was there too but I cropped myself out of it because I don’t really like it when people put in their own pictures as their wallpaper or lockscreen images.

My phone ritual 
My phone is the first thing I look at every morning. I check the time as soon as I wake up. Then I’m on Instagram and spend about an hour browsing through it before getting out of bed. I’m also a little paranoid about the battery percentage on my phone. I always make sure that I have a fully charged phone before I head out for the day. You can’t really be sure when you will be able to recharge the battery next.

For photos
I mostly use VSCO Cam to edit my pictures. The edited version of the pictures get saved in the app by default and I can share those pictures on my social media accounts without having to save the picture on my phone and that actually saves a lot of space. 

I also use PicsArt app to edit my photos sometimes, Afterlight to get vintage filter on my pictures and Cymera to retouch my photos.

The game I play the most 
I don’t really play games on my phone. But I do have Temple Run installed. It’s very rare that I use my phone for things other than communicating, listening to music and scrolling through social media. I don’t remember the last time I logged onto Temple Run.

An app I would recommend
There is this app called Sonic on the app store that actually fixes damage caused by water on iPhones. A while ago I accidentally dropped my phone in a bucket of water and that messed up my speakers. Just then I came across Sonic and that fixed up my phone speakers immediately. Unfortunately, this great app is not available on Android.

Apps I use for music
I simply love YouTube for music. I use it more to listen to songs than watch other kinds of videos. I mostly head to IndieAir channel on YouTube as they upload songs that fit my musical preference. Occasionally I also download songs that I like a lot onto my phone and listen to them through iMusic. But that’s a very rare occurrence.

Social media apps I use the most
I’m almost always active on Instagram. I use it to upload my pictures and connect with friends. It’s also kind of my leisure app. It’s the app I use whenever I find some pockets of free time here and there, and start scrolling through the explore page. I also use Facebook and Messenger very often to connect with people and I use the Gmail app for work and school, if that counts under social media.

For online shopping 
Although I have apps like Khalti on my phone, I have never used them. My dad downloaded them when he was still using this phone. But I do shop online. I use SHEIN and Daraz for that. Even when I’m not actually buying stuff there, I just scroll through the products to keep up with what’s new and what’s in. I also look through ROMWE time and again even though I don’t really buy stuff there either.

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