We are looking to expand our product reach and scope in Nepal: Sekisui GM Masahiro Yamasaki

Published On: June 20, 2024 09:06 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in 1947, is a leading Japan-based chemical manufacturer renowned for its innovative products and solutions. Sekisui excels in producing high-quality building materials, infrastructure solutions, and specialized raw materials for electronics, automobiles, and construction. In Nepal, the company collaborates with the Panchakanya Group to deliver urban infrastructure and environmental products, as well as high-performance plastics, including CPVC plumbing materials. A delegation from Sekisui Chemical, comprising General Manager Masahiro Yamasaki and Sales Manager Yuya Sakamoto, recently visited Nepal to explore further opportunities for collaboration. Republica interviewed the delegation to learn more about the company's products and its plans to expand business in Nepal. Excerpts:

Can you briefly tell us about your company and its products?

Sekisui is a Japan-based company, established in 1947, making our company 77 years old. Our annual sales are approximately USD 10 billion, and we employ around 26,000 people worldwide. We are recognized as one of Japan's top chemical manufacturers. Our company has three divisions: the Housing Company, the Urban Infrastructure Environmental Products Company, and the High-Performance Plastic Company. The Housing Company primarily serves the Japanese domestic market, the Urban Infrastructure Environmental Products Company (UIEP Company) focuses on building and construction materials, and the High-Performance Plastic Company specializes in raw materials for electronics, automobiles, and construction segments like paints and inks. Our commitment to sustainability and technological advancement has solidified our position as a top chemical manufacturer in Japan and a trusted partner worldwide.

How does your company adapt to meet the specific needs of different markets, including Nepal?

We focus on understanding and adjusting to customer requirements. Our resources in R&D and technical support aim to meet regional and specific customer needs. We can reformulate our products to suit different regions, including Nepal. Although this process takes time, we are confident in our ability to provide tailored solutions to Nepali customers.

Sekisui is also involved in health sector products. Do you have any involvement in Nepal in this segment?

Currently, we have not promoted our diagnostic kits in Nepal. This medical segment is relatively new and is primarily focused on the North American market. We aim to expand this segment, especially in testing equipment for blood tests and specified diseases.

You also held meetings with government officials and representatives of the private sector of Nepal. What did you discuss during these meetings?

We are interested in the Nepali market for introducing our products and expanding our business. While our primary focus remains on the infrastructure sector, we also have plans to extend into other segments, including health sector products. The meetings were aimed at understanding the needs and market situation here.

Sekisui Sales Manager Yuya Sakamoto

Are you considering furthering partnerships with local businesses in Nepal?

We have been working closely with the Panchkanya Group for over nine years, focusing on providing raw materials for CPVC plumbing materials. Our collaboration has been mutually beneficial, and we aim to expand our product reach and scope in partnership with Panchkanya. We are currently in the initial stages of exploring further potential with this partnership.

How did you find the prospect of your products in Nepal?

We focus on practical materials, particularly piping systems, which help reduce installation costs and failure risks. We aim to introduce such systems for air conditioning and drainage applications in Nepal.

Do you have any plans to set up local manufacturing plants in Nepal?

We are assessing the market and potential for introducing our products. If there is significant potential, we may consider establishing a facility or factory in Nepal, but there are no concrete plans at this moment.

Can you share with us examples of some of the successful infrastructure projects where your products are used?

Our products have been successfully used in public infrastructure projects, such as synthetic materials for railways and pipe installation systems that don't require excavation. We have expanded our business to over 30 countries, including significant projects in India like high-speed railways and sewer systems.

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