We are caught between the government and RJPN: Locals of Province-2

Published On: June 19, 2017 12:20 AM NPT By: Upendra Yadav

BARA, June 19: Since the formulation of the new constitution in 2015, Madhes based parties have been staging protests at various levels claiming that the constitution is not in favor of the Madhesi people. But such protests have instead victimized the locals, especially of Province-2.

Even though the effects of such demonstrations have affected the whole country, it has greatly disappointed the locals in Province-2. According to the intellectuals and analysts of Madhes, the ongoing war between the government and the Madhesi parties have been really tormenting the locals. While the government is showing no signs to fulfill the demands of the Madhesi parties, cadres and leaders of the Madhesi parties are also sticking to their demands. So, the innocent locals have been crushed in between their tussle.

Day-to-day demonstrations, torch processions, rallies, shut-downs, clashes and conflicts have cast a shadow upon peace in Province-2. Experts here claim that such activities have instead made their life worse rather than making it better. 

Lalan Dwivedi, professor of Thakur Ram Multiple College, Birgunj accused the government and protesters of taking away the peace in Province-2. “The government has been assuring to meet the demands of the Madhesi people since more than ten months.

However, the government has not kept its words,” said Dwivedi, adding, “Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN)'s ongoing agitation against government has not made life better but has instead added more troubles for locals.”

Such protests have badly affected the education, business, industries and various other fields resulting in the backwardness of the province, according to the concerned stakeholders. This has ultimately affected the locals. “Local elections can be a great relief for the people but for that the government needs to take RJPN into confidence,” added Dwivedi.

The banda enforced by RJPN in a bid to foil the second round of local elections scheduled for June 28 has badly hampered the board examinations of grade 11 students. As stated by Dwivedi,   the Madhes movement of the past and RJPNs movement at present have adversely affected the education sector of the province. 

The shut-down enforced by RJPN has forced the locals to live a miserable life. “Fifty-six years ago, the government had defined Madhes as the pillar of economic development of the country. However, the same government is the reason for its backwardness,” laments Dwivedi. He further informed that the political parties and leaders are greatly responsible for problems faced by the locals.

Similarly, Advocate Birendra Prasad Yadav has also blamed the government and the agitating RJPN for throwing the normal life of locals out of gear especially in Province-2. Locals were just recovering from financial and other losses made during the six months-long Madhes Movement two years ago while RJPN commenced its war against the state. This has developed a great fear among the locals regarding the future of Madhes.

After the federal restructuring of the state, the social and economic status of eight districts of Province-2 has been on the decline. As stated by different studies, the rate of poverty is comparatively increasing in the recent days. Not just the Madhes Movement, but even the Indian blockade has got a lot to do with it. The on-and-off protests and demonstrations have made it challenging for the locals to stay in this province. As informed by Shyam Shah of Kalaiya, some have even made up their mind to migrate to other provinces in search of peace.

Series of political developments resulting in poll deferrals have greatly disappointed the locals of Province-2, who are eagerly waiting to take part in the elections like all other Nepalis.

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