Ward chairperson accused of thrashing service seeker in Siraha

Published On: August 16, 2019 02:30 AM NPT By: Mithilesh Yadav

SIRAHA, Aug 16: Manoj Kumar Ray, 27, was beaten up by the ward chairperson of Siraha Municipality-18, Ram Sogarath Yadav and his team when he went to receive his father's citizenship certificate.

On August 12, ward chief Yadav collected the citizenship of Ram Sewak, Manoj's father, for the purpose of forming an irrigation users' group.

Manoj went to the ward office the next day to receive the card. “When I asked for the citizenship card, the chairperson said that it was lost which caused an argument,” Manoj said, “While we were arguing, the chairperson hit me.”

“When I fought back, the chairperson called a few people, they tied my hands with a rope and started beating me,” an injured Manoj told Republica. He mentioned this incident has left him with deep wounds and bruises. According to him he is resting at home taking medicines.

However Chairperson Yadav refused the allegations. “I did not beat him up. The citizens beat him up,” he said. “When he tried to hit me, the citizens came in and started beating him,” Yadav added.

According to Superintendent of Police of Siraha, Umaprasad Chaturvedi, Manoj Raya has filed a complaint against Yadav. SP Chaturvedi said police will take necessary action in accordance with the law after investigating the matter.Before this on February 28, when a 34 year old service seeker from Parsa, Bishnudev Yadav approached the Laxmipur Parati Rural Municipality-2 seeking for justice, he also was beaten up badly by the chairperson. Chairperson Ram Ballabh dodged this issue by saying he did not beat him up.

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