Vogue Taking away client’s burden

Published On: January 18, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Prasansha Rimal

Vogue Advertisement and Event Management Company was set up in 1999. It started its event management venture with ‘Valentine’s Unplugged Night’ which was the first of its kind in Kathmandu where pop artists and bands gave unplugged performance, followed by dinner and DJ night.

Since its establishment Vogue has been able to create its own brand name in the advertisement and event management industry. The company, however, didn’t have a smooth beginning as people of Nepal were still new to the concept of event management during the 90s. It was hard for them to mange resources needed for event management; they even struggled to get a generator, as it was easily not available back then. The company had to call each number from yellow book to mange resources.

The company now focuses more on event management than advertisement and still works with the same vendor which helped them start their business in 1999.

What makes this event management company special is the attention it pays to details and client’s wishes. Bijaya Ghimire, the MD of Vogue Event and Advertisement Company, vividly remembers an event where the company had to set up an entire venue in white. As white colored carpets were not available in the market, they had to custom order the carpet and set up the venue over night. White flowers for the event were ordered from Bangkok and as the hotel walls couldn’t be painted white, they covered the walls with white colored curtains. It’s the effort and dedication the company puts into to creating an event which has made it stand out in the industry of event management and advertisement. 

The company has faced many changes since its establishment. During the first few years, it struggled to find clients. Now clients come to them. Nepalis are still unaware about the hard work that goes on to create a successful event , the company has had to deal with people who show them pictures of events of international standard but are not willing to pay the budget required to create such an event.

Vogue takes away the burden of hard work required to create any type of event and the service required for an event, from security to catering. It has long track record of creating theme parties with suitable venue design, light, sound and music and also provides professional service as music consultant.

Vogue currently has team of eleven members who are willing and ready to take the burden of event management off of client’s shoulder.

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