Ghyangfedi operating without ward chief for more than a month

Published On: February 1, 2018 03:30 AM NPT

NUWAKOT, Feb 1: It is almost two months since ward no 1 of Dupcheswor Rural Municipality has been operating without a ward chief.

On December 20, the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of police had arrested the newly elected chief of the ward Sun Bahadur Tamang on charge of human trafficking. Since the ward chief was taken under custody, Nagsang Tamang, 55, who is the eldest member of the ward, was entrusted with the responsibility of ward chief as per the understanding among the major political parties. Nagsang, who hardly recognizes Nepali letters, says he has been able to take the responsibility well with the coordination of chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Rural Municipality. 

"Being a ward member, I had never thought I would have to take this responsibility. But, I am doing well due to the co-operation of staffers and high level officials," said Nagsang. According to him, managing works of the administration has been a challenge especially in the absence of the ward chief. Yobindra Singh Tamang, chairperson of   Dupcheswor informed that the rural municipality is doing everything possible not let the locals of Ghyangfedi suffer in absence of the ward chief.

In the local elections of 1991, Sun Bahadur was elected as the chairperson of ward no 4 of the then Ghyangfedi VDC. However, in the elections of 1997, he had to face defeat with a slim margin of 18 votes. After a long halt, he filed his candidacy from Nepali Congress (NC) in the local elections of 2017 and got elected as the Chief of Ghayngfedi. 

In April 2014, women who had returned home from brothels in India had filed a case against Sun Bahadur.  He was arrested a year ago but he was released on bail. He then took part in the local elections. But, his case was not closed. CIB was still to investigate on his past deeds. Sun Bahadur had connected Ghyangfedi with road and had also made electricity accessible in 70% of the villagees, according to the locals.  

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