Veg price hike troubles Nuwakot locals as well

Published On: November 15, 2017 03:15 AM NPT By: BHAGWATI  LAMA

Major market areas sourcing vegetables from Kalimati market

NUWAKOT, Nov 15: Spike in vegetable prices has affected people of Nuwakot - a pocket area for vegetable farming - as well.

Locals there are bearing the brunt of price hike as the district has started importing vegetables from the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market in Kathmandu due to low local production.  

“I am selling tomato at Rs 120, cauliflower at Rs 100, green pea at Rs 150, onion at Rs 80 and balsam apple (barela) at Rs 70 per kg, respectively,” said Goma Thapa, a vegetable retailer at Bidur, said. “Traders supply vegetables to us from the Kalimati market. We do not know how much profit margin they keep,” she said, adding: “Customers often complain us about the high prices, but we keep a very little profit.” 

Thapa has been selling bitter gourd at Rs 120, pumpkin at Rs 80 and cabbage at Rs 90 per kg.

“A bag of rice bought at Rs 1,600 feeds us for two to three months. It is the vegetable that has become the most expensive item in our meal,” Subhadra Neupane, a housewife of Bidur, told Republica. “A kilogram of cauliflower, which used to cost Rs 40-50 some months back, costs above Rs 100 now. It is becoming difficult for us to manage kitchen.”

Locals say high prices have forced them to buy cheaper vegetables rather than vegetables of their choice.

Meanwhile, an hotelier believes farmers are now making things difficult for traders. “Earlier, they used to complain of cheating by traders. I think they are cheating traders now. Ultimately, consumers will suffer the most,” he added.

Major market areas of Nuwakot like Bidur, Trishuli, Battar, Devighat and Ranipauwa are depending on supplies from the Kalimati market for green vegetables. 

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