Mysterious disease attacks students in Jumla

Published On: July 4, 2016 11:37 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, July 4: Students have been suffering from a mysterious disease at Dhungri-based Janapriya Secondary School in the district.

A number of students are fainting time and again. Maya Kumari Sahi has been fainting for six weeks. Coming to school, collapsing and returning home has become her daily chore. She is still suffering time and again the from the same kind of disease.

Similarly, Srijana Kumari, a third grader, has stopped coming to school after she collapsed while studying in the class. Her parents stopped sending her to school after she fainted continuously for four days.

Similarly, Nabin Kumar Sahi, a second grader, has to spend his whole day by taking rest in the office room when he faints.

These are only the representatives of the incidents. According to Dhana Laxmi Sahi, headmaster of the School, as many as 14-15 students faint daily while studying in the classroom, while some collapse in the prayer line.

The god has troubled the students as there is a temple of Kailash God near the playground. The students started fainting since we constructed the school building in the temple premises of Kailash God, said School Management Committee Chairman Nar Bahadur Sahi.



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