'UDMF-UML face-off a threat to Saptari's internal security'

Published On: March 4, 2017 01:00 AM NPT By: Jitendra Kumar Jha

RAJBIRAJ, March 4: The increased mobilization of cadres and representatives by various political parties to the electoral constituencies has become a threat to the district's internal security, creating chances for confrontation among the parties.

Cadres of the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) vandalized the vehicle of UML leader Ranju Jha Thakur on Friday. According to Rajendra Mandal, a UDMF member, cadres of the front attacked Thakur's vehicle while she was heading for the party office at Rajbiraj-5. 

Similarly, UDMF cadres blackened the face of Pratap Narayan Chaudhary, district assistant secretary of UML on the same day. UDMF has been staging demonstrations in various parts of the district ever since the UML announced that its chairman KP Oli will visit Saptari during the party's Mechi- Mahakali campaign.

On Thursday, UDMF obstructed a program conducted by UML which was based on the Mechi Mahakali Campaign, provoking a clash between the cadres of the two sides. Though the security forces somehow managed to take the situation under control, the protesters didn't stop there and continued demonstrating outside the District Land revenue Office and the District Forest Office. 

UML has announced a program in the district for March 6 which will be attended by UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli. While the UML cadres have fully dedicated themselves to making this program a success, UDMF members are trying their best to thwart it.

 UML has mobilized its members across the district in a bid to ensure that the program goes well. It has not just focused on wooing the locals to participate in the elections but also paid attention to their security. It has made full arrangements of decorative items, banners, flags and other required materials for the program.

Meanwhile, UDMF has announced a blockade in Saptari for March 6, to disturb UML's program. The front has even decided to demonstrate in major areas of the district like Bhardaha, Kanchanpur, Rupani and many others. These days, the UDMF members are openly inviting locals to cooperate with them for their demonstrations to foil UML's program, leaving the locals worried about the security situation in the district on March 6.

“This might bring more troubles for the locals which is not good. So, both the sides need to be more sensible while dealing with these issues,” said Than Singh Bhansali, Chairperson of Saptari civil society. According to Bhansali, the Madhes Movement has created a negative image of KP Oli among the locals of Saptari. “Though politicians have the right to go anywhere they want, it would be better if they could decide whether it's good to visit certain places in view of the situation,” he added.

However, Govinda Neupane, UML's district chairperson, has urged the UDMF to stop making unnecessary efforts to obstruct the program on March 6. “We all have the right to peacefully organize programs in a democracy and no one should have any problems with that,” Neupane said, “We have no problem with other parties conducting publicity programs and we expect the same from them as well.” According to him, if other parties interfere in their program, they “won't be sitting with their hands folded.”

A large number of security personnel have been mobilized in Saptari following the possibility of violent clashes between UML and UDMF supporters. After a meeting of high officials about the district's internal security, the district administration has invited the UDMF for talks.

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