Registrar Upreti defends fairness of exam conducted by TU

Published On: July 2, 2019 05:18 PM NPT By: Ajit Rai

KATHMANDU, July 2: Registrar of Tribhuvan University(TU) Dilli Ram Upreti has said the mistake made in publishing the results of the exam taken by Surendra Koirala was caused by human error.

Koirala's academic transcript he got after passing the master level exam of economics conducted by TU contains 69 marks in one subject . However, it was reported in media outlets that he was given only 9 marks by the teacher who assessed his answer sheet.

Speaking at the meeting of Parliamentary Committee on Education and Health held on Tuesday, Upreti said that the error that occurred when publishing the results of the exam taken by Koirala was not caused by the institution itself.

In a bid to convince the members of the committee to believe in his defense of the fairness of the exams conducted by the university, he gave a briefing on all the administrative procedures involved in the selection process from the conduct of the exam to the publication of the results. 

“A mistake was made while entering the mark from mark slip to mark laser. The staffer responsible for entering marks obtained by Koirala entered 69 instead of 9 unintentionally", said Upreti. He claimed that Koirala who got 69 marks in one subject at the master level exam of economics conducted by TU has not been awarded the gold medal.

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