Truth and ecstasy

Published On: February 16, 2020 11:56 AM NPT By: Babu Ram Neupane

The road to truth is fraught with myriads of diversions. We can’t count on Google to come up with any apps or algorithms designed to help human beings attain ecstasy

Faking complete knowledge is not wisdom. Therefore, it is a wise thing to say “I don’t know”. Only the people who can admit to not knowing tend to be more intellectually and emotionally confident than the ones who pretend to know it all. Herein lies the openness to the path of learning and knowledge.   

We are spiritual beings with human experiences. Things go haywire when we seek and feign to have spiritual experiences. This ignorance is rooted in our proclivities to orgasm, which can be reversed through ecstasy based on physique, age and sexual orientations as the preoccupation with the quest of pure ecstasy is unattainable. 

To be human is to be able to expand and sometimes to embrace contraction as well. At times, the universe seems to conspire against us as nothing moves forward. We feel hopeless, constrained and stagnant. But difficult moments too pass and normalcy is restored. The caterpillars undergo a painful experience in the darkness of the cocoons before they get to see the bright and beautiful world. And nothing can stop them from transforming into beautiful butterflies.    

Each of us undergoes caterpillar experiences. And we live our own butterfly moments.  Somebody scans the surfs sitting on a beautiful beach resort overlooking strong white currents in the company of a beloved or somebody special. The splendid serenity of the sea arouses strong carnal desires within and may lead them to the room to live the most intimate moments. Their hearts beat in unison and they realize the heaven on the earth. Orgasm too is a vehicle for ecstasy.  

The foundation of all religions is attainment of ecstasy through orgasm. Orgasm is the catalyst for procreation. Scriptures abound in references to the quest for orgasm. We have numinous anecdotes of hermits and sages being goaded into falling prey to sensual pleasure with gorgeous fairies. They are chronicled to have felt more fulfilled upon the serendipity of sensual pleasure than the multitudes of years of meditation and abstention.

If you watch the moon and the stars at night and wish someone special were with you at the time. If you feel incomplete at the moment, that is quite human. If you walk in the rain alone and miss somebody special, you are being human. Sense of emptiness is not a vice. Perfection is a mirage. Only the empty vessels can be filled.  

Have you grazed your cattle the whole day and not felt happy for your cattle as they are full and moving homeward in a single file in the dusk despite hunger killing you? Have you sported slippers caked in manure and dirt and rejoiced to hear them producing squeaking sounds upon cleaning them? If the answer is yes, you have all it takes to feel ecstatic and empathetic.

Have you longed to fly and sing with the birds when you see them? Has your heart leapt up while looking at the moon or the night sky teeming with stars? If the answer is yes and you felt full contentment on all occasions without any feelings of condescension, jealousy or preoccupation or possession, you already have more than enough sparks of ecstasy inside you. 

It does not come easy 
Ecstasy doesn’t come easy. However, a hermit like renunciation and self-effacement is not a prerequisite to it. Still, we need to fight our heart because it is heretical. Mind is hermeneutical. It just takes milliseconds for our heart to proliferate some incurable heresies. That is why keeping the heart in check is extremely important to avoid being trapped in the morass of self-sabotaging act. 

Heart is a hoarder for ephemeral flashes of contentment. Mind is a pruner of the unwarranted distractions. That is why maintaining balance between these two is a process in continuum. If the heart overtakes and evades the mind at any moment, a tragic crash in the highway of happiness is all but certain.   When you are something inside but try to prove yourself the otherwise or opposite from outside, this is the end of yourself. You are transforming yourself into a living fossil right at the very moment. 

We don’t inherit ecstasy nor do we imbibe it. It is mostly inherent and imbued. Behaving and acting in unison with all those around us is not the best way of living our life. Being oneself warrants one to have the courage to embrace one’s true conviction. We face countless interrogations and contrarians before we carve our identity, voice and place on the earth. 

The road to truth is fraught with myriads of diversions. We can’t count on Google to come up with any apps or algorithms designed to help human beings attain ecstasy. They are only concerned with collecting as much data about us as possible to sell them to the businesses so that they cajole us into buying their products and maximize their benefits. Don’t ever expect Facebook to be a platform for promotion of truth and facts. It’s a fakebook or a tool for vile and bad hombres to distort, bend and maim truth through perpetration of alternative facts and disinformation campaigns.

Power or peril?
Information is power when it’s disclosed timely and handled wisely. The coronavirus would have probably been contained early on had the Chinese communist regime acted instantly on the tip off of a doctor from a Wuhan hospital (who has already succumbed to the virus). But it resorted to the tactics of hiding information from the public until the virus spiraled out of control. 

The foul play of a totalitarian regime has already put an end to more than 11,00 lives, put the health of more than 45,000 of its own citizens in harm’s path and exposed millions of people across the globe to a perilous disease. The hollow rhetoric and propriety alone cannot hold the proletarian Titanic steady and stable.    

There is either no information or too much information for us to process at the moment. We are currently living through the potpourri of information, which is delusional, histrionic, and deeply at odds with our expectations and to the detriment of ecstasy and truth.

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