Tripurakot locals living on contaminated water drawn from open well

Published On: March 25, 2017 12:23 PM NPT

TRIPURAKOT, March 25: The locals of Tripurakot of Sundari Municipality – 1 have been drinking water from an open well. 

The villagers have been drinking the contaminated water from the well dug up in the ancient times for irrigation purposes. More than 100 households in Tripurakot have been drinking water from the 'same old well'. 

The public here are infuriated at the local political party representatives and the members of the literate class that they have not taken any initiative in getting access to fresh drinking water. 

"In today's world we are forced to consume the water from a well directly and the locals are time and again falling ill due to the usage of such contaminated water," shared Durga Prasad Devkota of Sundari Municipality – 1. 

The water is laden with sand and consumption of this water is leading many to develop kidney stones, according to Devkota. 

The villagers have been suffering from more than 70 per cent of the total diseases known to mankind including cold, extreme fever and diarrhea due to consumption of the contaminated water, said health worker, Kavi Prasad Upadhaya. 

They have no other alternative to using the water which turns muddy during the monsoon season. Devkota added that although the state has arranged for 'one house one water tap' policy, the locals feel they are living in an ancient time. RSS 

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