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Published On: December 27, 2019 11:08 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

It’s a saddening truth that most of our tempest, travel-loving hearts often have to be silenced. Whether it’s family responsibilities or demanding jobs that don’t give out vacations, we can’t have everything we want. Or can we? Here’s a way you can get the best of both worlds. Chase after jobs where travel is a mandatory. This way, you’ll be visiting all the places you want to go and be earning at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, there are more than one or two of those professions available within your grasp. 

Being a pilot takes a lot of practice, hard work and it’s quite grueling at times. But it’s worth it. Good money with innumerable travel opportunities. Nothing beats the high of being in the air. And even when you touch down, each land is a new chance for exploration.

As with every other job, this one comes with its burden. Jet lag, time management, disruptive sleeping schedule and health issues are at the top of the list. Sometimes, on short runs, there’s little turnaround time. However, it also has its boons. From cheaper flight tickets to having your close ones fly around for free at times, pilots have a lot of advantages when it comes to travel.

As long as you make sure you’re mentally and physically healthy, travelling across cities you flew yourself to, is something many of us only dream of.

Air Hostess
Similar to pilots, air hostesses accompany passengers and pilots—make their travel easier. And in between those times, get to travel a lot themselves. Despite how glamorous this job looks from the outside, it can often be terribly demanding. 

It’s up to you to ask the question once again; is it worth it?

Of course, it’s risky, of course, it’s disheartening to constantly leave your family. But you get experience at being a diplomatic and collected like nowhere else. From stellar customer service to being a proper representative of the company, air hostess goes beyond serving food and smiling at passengers. 

It’s about running a business, keeping calm during a disastrous situation and being responsible for more than 300 people at the same time. You do it all while maintaining a prim and proper exterior—not a hair out of place.

Travelling in this job is a bonus. While time maintenance is difficult, it’s quite rewarding if you know how to balance work and health. 

Only a few lucky ones are gifted with a talent. And even fewer make a career out of them. So if you’ve got acting chops and you love travelling, you’re blessed.

Movies might look simple when you’re sitting on a red sofa and watching them with a bowl of popcorn in your hands. But it’s the crew who knows how utterly draining creating a perfect shot can be. It’s about finding the perfect timing, the perfect shot and yes, you guessed it, the perfect place. Film crews travel dozens of destinations to complete one movie. And no film is complete without its actors.

So if you’re an aspiring actor, looking to conquer the world, it’s time to brush up your CVs and get that gig once and for all.

Musicians and Dance Crews
Long road trips, venue performances, loud crowds and the undeniable, beating energy of doing what you love; musicians really do live their best lives. As much as creating art can fulfill the heart, sharing it amongst art lovers is even more poignant.

And to have your voice heard, you gotta go places. From your head to a recorder, from restaurant stages to concert halls, from studios to stadiums, from —it’s all about the journey. And usually, accompanying those faces of music is a team of people.

From experienced producers, stage technicians to background dancers, hustling is a daily routine. And with that hustle come experiences. And with those experiences come opportunities.

Consultancy might be perceived as an easy profession from the outside. It is a varied form of customer service, after all. But what it also needs is exceptional diplomacy, clear communication and the resilience to handle work pressure.

Being responsible for a young student’s future is a daily part of a consultant’s life. And if you can’t partake that responsibility, don’t take the job.

However, there’s more to this life than just work. When you’re a consultant, you also have to branch out your offers to educational institutions all over the world. And sometimes, you have to do it in person.

Checking places your students might be going to for long years isn’t something to overlook. Say hello to analyzing new education systems, learning admission processes in detail and connecting to officials abroad.

Videography is a field that has you exploring every nook and corner for uniqueness. Whether it’s jaw-dropping sunrises or ants crawling under a cave, capturing menial and magnificent moments through a camera is no easy feat. 

To find those things, you have to have enough courage to search for them. And searching means travelling. 

If you’re one of those whose heart is too wild to be tamed by sitting still, whose hands feel empty without a camera and whose eyes would rather be looking through a viewfinder than anything else, this job is the one for you.

Chandani Shrestha, 
Cabin Crew at Yeti Airlines
I think getting to travel to faraway places while doing my job is amazing. Although tending to the passengers and ensuring that they are comfortable is our main concern, the job isn't as strenuous as one might think. When flights get cancelled due to bad weather or technical issues, we have to stay out in places. But because I’ve always loved travelling and exploring new places, that isn't an issue for me. My job has given me many irreplaceable experiences. So far, I’ve been to Biratnagar, Bhadrapur, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj and Dhangadi. And it’s all thanks to my job.

Abin Bho, 
My work means travelling all the time but because I enjoy travelling so much, it doesn’t feel like work. I treat every project I get as something different and every opportunity to travel as a chance to explore and perfect my skills. Each destination has a new challenge waiting for me – sometimes there is transportation problems, other times I face camera issues. Adjusting and getting the working done anyways while still enjoying the process and exploring my surroundings has become a daily routine for me. Gosaikunda, Everest Base Camp, Lukla’s rural regions, Bangladesh, Kolkata, Janakpur, Biratnagar, Birgunj, Pokhara and Barcelona, Spain are a few places I’ve visited for work till date. 

Suren Khadgi, 
Consultant (Director and Co-Founder of Silicon Education Network Pvt. Ltd.)
It is undoubtedly exciting since I get to explore so many parts of the world that I would normally not know about. But because it's work, I have to prioritize a lot of business related things and meetings. I meet a lot of people while travelling for work and add a lot of acquaintances to my life. I get to learn how education industry works there. However, leaving the comfort of my home country and visiting a foreign land is somewhat difficult, especially because I'm a vegetarian. It is extremely difficult to find food that fits my preference and thus, I have to take extra packets of WaiWai with me wherever I go. 

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