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Published On: April 19, 2019 11:12 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

The number of people seeking adventure travel has increased significantly over the past few years. From hiking and trekking to mountain climbing, more and more people are enjoying connecting with nature as well as the thrill of adventure. However, many people are yet to master the planning and packing for adventure travel.

As places known for adventure escapades may have extreme natural and climatic conditions and be far away from densely populated areas, it’s important to be extra cautious and ensure that you are fully prepared while traveling. Here we give you a rundown of the five most basic things you must have if you are embarking on an adventurous traveling journey. 

Backpack with padded straps
A well padded backpack works wonders when it comes to comfortable travel. Imagine walking up a steep hill (which is already arduous to begin with) and your thin bag straps cut into your shoulders. Nothing can be more troublesome. So it’s important to have a bag that has padded straps. It not only gives your shoulders a good support but also balances out the weight of the entire backpack. 
Along with this, padded straps give your shoulders and arms more flexibility to walk more efficiently. If you are carrying a heavy load then it is best to get a large, comfortable backpack that doesn’t require you to squeeze in stuff but if you are carrying only the basics like water, money, sunglasses etc. then it’s better to choose a smaller backpack. As large backpacks are padded for comfort, they tend to be heavy. So it’s better to go small if you are not carrying your luggage yourself.

Solar charger
Usually when traveling for adventure, one tends to travel out to remote places like the base of a mountain or a hill, huge rocks or the extreme desert. So, it would be foolish to assume that these places will, for sure, have a regular supply of electricity for you to charge your phone and other electronics. Therefore, it is always best to research well before leaving whether or not the places have facilities for electricity. 
Nevertheless, to stay extra safe, it’s always better to have an extra source of power for your electronics. This is where a solar charger comes in handy. All you need for a solar charger to work is the ‘sun’ and you can bet the sun will almost always be there to rescue your dying battery. These solar chargers are available at online stores like Sastodeal and you might also find them around various electronic shops in Kathmandu. They may cost a little more than regular power backups but in the end it’s worth it.

Plastic bags and dry sacks
We can’t stress enough on the importance of plastic bags and dry sacks when it comes to traveling. These help you with everything – separating dirty laundry, packing shoes, storing wet clothes, to name a few. These bags and sacks can also help you organize your chargers, snacks that you have brought along and also small things like undergarments that tend to get lost among your luggage. It’s always better to carry a few extra bags just in case and as it takes up little to no space it won’t really add any extra weight to your luggage either. However, make sure to keep reusing these plastic bags and sacks every time you travel.

Water purifier
Water and food are the two most important things one has to take care of when traveling, especially to remote areas. And water is one of the things you have to be extra careful with when traveling. Make sure you drink pure and clean water every time. For this, you can carry your own water purifier, be it a tablet bottle or a water-filtering bottle. You have to decide what works for you and invest in one of the two options.
If you choose the bottle, look for one with a good filter and also decide on the size of the bottle. Carrying tablets are relatively easier but you do need to let the water rest for a longer time. Similarly, always carry your own reusable water bottle that you can fill up whenever possible. This reduces your use of plastic bottles that not only saves money but also protects the environment in the long run. 

Swiss army knife
A Swiss army knife or a multitool is just that – a tool that can be used in multiple situations. This will perhaps be the handiest among all the things you choose to pack when you are out on a trip. Usually these pocketknives have a pair of scissors on it, which can be used for tasks like trimming your nails, opening tough packaging, and cutting things like cloths to make bandages. 
There are also other tools like tweezers and can openers that can be really useful in various circumstances. However, if you are flying someplace before hiking or trekking your way to your final destination then be sure to put your multitool in your check in baggage as most airlines don’t allow you to carry this item on your person. 

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