Traffic special campaign effective: Over 129,000 people educated on traffic rules

Published On: March 17, 2020 03:50 PM NPT By: RSS

KATHMANDU, March 17: Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has imparted traffic safety education to 129,000 people in the past three months.

The training was launched under the campaign of 'special traffic campaign' where vehicle drivers, helpers, and pedestrians were educated about the traffic rules.

A total of 19,569 public vehicle drivers and helpers, 27,000 motorbike riders, 612 government-owned vehicle drivers were alerted and educated in the period, said traffic division chief SSP Bhim Prasad Dhakal.

Similarly, over 63,000 pedestrians and locals were educated on the traffic code of conduct. The Traffic office is distributing pamphlets, leaflets, traffic safety audio and visuals via different 40 units in the valley.

The division spokesperson SP Jeevan Kumar Shrestha shared that a separate course on traffic safety was designed and imparted training following the course. Meanwhile, about 20,000 pedestrians who were found crossing the road violating the traffic rules were imparted 20 minutes' awareness course on the spot.

According to the office, they were found not following the traffic lights, not using overhead bridges and zebra crossing while crossing the roads. Likewise, awareness banners were installed and hung in different 47 busy crossroads and along the roadsides in Kathmandu valley.

The Traffic Police have taken action against a large number of drivers for drunk driving.

The campaign was launched on 17 December 2019 and has been revised since March 14 this year after it remained effective, police added.

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