Tips to excel at work

Published On: May 15, 2017 11:20 PM NPT By: Prasansha Rimal

KATHMANDU, May 15: In this world of competition everybody wants to excel and achieve perfection but to excel at work is not a child’s play. It requires hard work and dedication to be respected among colleagues and get the promotion you have been eyeing since the day you started working. Here are few tips which might help you excel at work and get promotion.

Accept your mistakes
Whenever you make a mistake at work, don’t try to cover it and wait for someone to point it out. If you know you have made a mistake just accept it and try to improve next time. You should never try to cover up your mistakes neither should you blame others , this will only lower your respect among your colleagues and your boss might start to question your loyalty towards organization.

Be punctual 
If you want to excel at work you will need to learn to be punctual. You will have to be able to show up on important meetings, seminars or work on time so that your boss and colleagues understand that you are dedicated to work hard and are ready to be promoted.

Help your colleagues
If you want to get promoted to a new post you will need to learn to earn respect of your juniors and the best way to earn respect is to teach someone. If your colleague needs help with PowerPoint presentation or to complete a project then lend a hand and try to be helpful this will earn you that respect you are looking for and this will also help you build an image of a team player.

Express positive attitude
Stop only focusing on the negatives and start focusing on the positives. While giving feedback to your colleagues start from the positive feedback and instead of pointing out their mistakes try to put it politely so that they can improve next time. Don’t be rude to your juniors even if they mistakes instead teach them and try to be polite to everyone in the office.

Take initiative
If you are looking for promotion and way to excel at work you need to learn to take initiative. You taking initiative will build your image as a hard worker. Try to look for other ways through which you can contribute to the organization. Start with a simple plan of how you can make your department more efficient and try to suggest it to your boss.

Learn new skills
You can get certified and learn new skills while working. This will not only make your resume look good but will build up your potential and may be even make you the right candidate for next promotion. This might even open up other new opportunities which might be able to push you up the professional ladder.

Make an extra effort
If you want to excel and really get promotion you will have to make an extra effort to be better than you were yesterday. This might need you to work an extra hour, take online courses at night or learn a new language. You will have to find numerous ways to improve yourself and make yourself better no matter the situation

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