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Published On: December 29, 2017 08:06 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Picking the right tools is crucial when it comes to carrying out any task and, as it happens, the same theory applies to putting on makeup as well. Even though you have tediously gathered information on the techniques of putting on makeup and practiced perfecting the art, you might not be getting the desired results if you don’t have the right kind of products. The fact that the market is flooded with numerous (almost too many) variations of the same kind of product doesn’t make things easy either. But The Week did some research and makeup artist Shreya Shrestha also shares her experience. Here we mainly focus on foundations and concealers.

Shrestha begins on an apologetic note. There is no straightforward answer or guide to which kind of product you should opt for. As a makeup artist, she carries many variations of foundations and concealers. She has them in liquid, cream, and powder forms. However, there are many factors to consider while choosing the right one to use.

“The type of foundation and concealer I pick on any particular day depends on the circumstances,” explains Shrestha, “For instance, is it a day out or is a photo shoot? I use them accordingly and sometimes even feel the need to mix the products.”

Another reason Shrestha finds it tricky to recommend a specific type of product is because, in her experience, the brand/company of the products, the client’s skin type as well as the techniques used all affect the end results. 

For example, just because liquid concealer suits a client more doesn’t mean all liquid concealers trump cream concealers found in the market. Depending on the company of the concealer some may give better results than the liquid versions. Also, there is the matter of applied techniques. The type of product that works for a light, day makeup won’t work for occasions like photo shoots or parties where one might need extensive coverage.

Thus, Shrestha suggests that we take all these factors into consideration here. Nevertheless, there are some distinct pros and cons of liquid, cream, and powder based makeup that might help you decide your next buy.

Concealer: liquid VS cream

Liquid concealers are highly recommended for those who want to cover breakouts and even wrinkles. The main reason for this is because they don’t cake up. Liquid concealers offer buildable coverage. Its thin texture means you can add on from a light to a full coverage. 

However, liquid concealers are only recommended for normal, combination, and oily skin. If you have dry skin, chances are it’s not going to work well for you.

Cream concealers, on the other hand, can be applied on dry skin to some great results. They are suitable for normal, combination, and sensitive skins. You can easily dab them on with a sponge or choose to use a brush. Some even prefer to use their fingers to blend in the makeup. If you are looking for full coverage, cream concealers are a good bet. As it is, its nature is such that the coverage only starts from medium.

But those looking for light coverage will clearly not like this. Further, while cream concealers work well under eyes, if you happen to have creases and wrinkles, there is more risk with them. Cream concealers are more prone to getting stuck. You will have to put extra effort with some loose powder.

Powder concealers aren’t as popular as the other two kinds of concealer, but if you are only looking for a light coverage, then this can be your ticket to it. They work best for those who only wish to liven up their look. A plus though is that when applied with brush it looks very natural and it can be applied after using compact powder as well.

Foundation: liquid VS powder

Shrestha reveals she is a bigger fan of liquid foundation and often opts for it. This is partly because liquid foundations can be used on all skin types and they provide beautiful buildable coverage. They offer smooth finish and have been designed to last a long time.

However, for these results to show up you will need a near perfect color match. You will also need to hone your blending skills because, if you are still an amateur, it will take some time to finish. Thus many also insist on having good lighting when applying liquid foundations. These also tend to give people a “heavy” feeling. In fact, many women have turned to powder foundations because of that very reason.

Further, in comparison, powder foundations are much easier to apply, blend and, also while purchasing, much easier to find a color match. These foundations with their minerals are also known to have less chemicals and preservatives compared to liquid foundations. This makes them a better option for sensitive skin as well. 

On the down side, you will have to keep retouching your makeup if you have put on powder foundation. They are known to wear off after a few hours. Add to that, if you are looking for full coverage then they might disappoint. Buildable coverage isn’t powder foundation’s strongest suit.

Pro tip: The best way to decide on the type of foundation or concealer is to consider your skin type. Powder helps oily skin achieve that matte finish and liquid makeup helps dry skin minimize its pores. 

Then there is the purpose of your makeup. Consider the kind of coverage you are looking for. You can even blend in the products for that perfect finish. 

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