The reality of multi-colored hues

Published On: June 16, 2017 09:30 AM NPT By: Republica

From the runways to Instagram, the trend for crazy colored hair just won’t stop. Spear mint blue, pink pastels, lilac, ash grey, the colors keep changing and you have to admit, whether you are adding the shade to your bangs, merely dipping your hair tips or using it all over, it’s a great way to enhance your style factor. No wonder, celebrities can’t stop testing out the hues. 

However, these hair adventures come with their set of repercussions. “The reality of extreme makeover is slightly less glamorous,” says Onisha Mulmi from Galz Beauty Parlor in New Road. According to her, everybody needs to know the truth before taking this step and after they do, there are some rules you absolutely must follow. Here, she shares the secrets with The Week.

First of all, consider your lifestyle.
We aren’t being dramatic. We know it is just hair but before coloring it into vivid colors, take a moment and consider the responsibilities because there are many. Once your stylist has created a beautiful hair color, it’s your job to maintain it. In order to maintain that bold color you have to book regular appointments with your stylist to touch things up. From choosing color-safe products to wearing hats in the sun, you have to consider ways in which you can extend the life of your hair color once you leave the salon.
So is it too much commitment for your current lifestyle? You will need to invest time and money. Rather than regretting your choice, take a moment and consider the possibilities. 

Avoid the urge to DIY
While your DIY skills may be useful for home décor or cooking, they aren’t so great for applying color to your strands. While advertisements and the instructions on the back of the packet make it sound simple, it’s not. Leave hair coloring to the professionals, especially if you are taking your strands to bolder heights. There has been one too many disasters. 

Bring references
So now that you have already made up your mind to take the plunge, don’t forget to take pictures with you. Your definition of red, blonde or purple and the stylist’s definition of the same can differ. It’s a very real possibility. So this tip is actually recommended for any hair-coloring project starting from highlight and lowlights itself. 
If you are opting for a drastic change, you want to make sure you are on the same page as your stylist. You can take multiple pictures if you want, just make sure you communicate your vision to your stylist. 

Don’t go blonde in one go
Your natural hair color matters. If like most Nepalis you have naturally dark hair, many stylists highly recommend a transition plan. The motive of this suggestion is to help and maintain the overall health of your hair. The hair’s ability to lift and lighten differs from individual to individual. Either way going from darker strands to bright blonde in one session will put a lot of stress on your hair. Thus a little patience will come in handy here. It takes time to craft gorgeously colored hair.

Brace yourself for some extensive care
Expect changes in your hair texture. Bleaches are bound to have some kind of effect on your hair. Sadly, there is no way around it. You can take measures to protect your hair from further damage but just know that there will be some damage.
Excessive bleaching has been known to cause weaker strands. You might want to maintain them by treating your hair to a hydrating hair mask or hair treatments at the salon. This will help keep the proteins in your follicles. These masks can replenish your hair’s moisture and help restore balance to your strands.
Over time, those with curls may notice that their ends are straighter as their strands have become drier. On the opposite end, those with naturally straight hair may notice more volume as their hair’s cuticle has been roughened up. 
Further, once you have drastically colored your hair, any shampoo simply won’t do. There are special shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair and you will probably need your own army of such products. Have a talk with your stylist for this because despite the challenges, it isn’t hopeless either. There are some powerhouse products that will help fight dull ends and brassy roots. 

Consider your skin tone while choosing your hair color
You might be swooning over the shade of blonde that looks good on Kylie Jenner or be feeling tempted to go all blue or purple like Katy Perry, but again, there is one very important factor to consider. The color of your skin tone is crucial. If you don’t take it into account, there is a good chance that the hair-coloring project will be a disaster. 

Have a recovery plan
At the end of the day, hair color isn’t permanent. You can change it and adapt new styles if you want to. As fashionable as it may seem, even some bloggers have come forward with their struggles of bleached hair.  Lifestyle blogger, Eugenie, for instance, made heads turn with her gray locks. However, as her hair was irretrievably damaged, she decided to chop it all off. She got a fresh new bob. This is actually an important lesson: Rather than keeping the damaged hair, sometimes it’s best to just cut it and go for a style revamp. 

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