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Published On: July 5, 2019 09:39 AM NPT By: URZA ACHARYA

Rave restaurant, located at Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, is just a year old but the place is quite popular among the young crowd. You could say that’s because of the ambience of the place or the good food they serve or both, but there’s no denying that Rave is a place you will want to visit again and again.

The high ceilings and the bohemian setting at the restaurant give it an open and airy vibe, making you feel comfortable and at ease. Owned by Vaibhav Khatri, who had always dreamt of starting a restaurant ever since he was in high school, Rave specializes in Indian cuisine along with Chinese, Nepali, and Continental dishes. The head chef, Santosh Rai, in an expert in Indian and Chinese cuisine and has given each and every dish his own signature style.

The theme and the ambience of the restaurant, which seem to go well with most people, can be described as contemporary. The high ceilings make the already open space feel even more open and the restaurant could be packed but you won’t feel like you are sitting too close for comfort with anyone else. One part of the wall is designed with a layer of greens complemented by wood, making it seem like a greenhouse of sorts, which adds a unique freshness to the place. There are also private spaces for anyone who wants a more exclusive experience. The bar offers a variety of drinks ranging from cocktails and mocktails to a wide array of other alcoholic beverages. 

The food is simply yum and you couldn’t go wrong with ordering anything on the menu. Their bestseller, however, is the Volcano Prawn, and Khatri personally recommends the Chicken Biryani and the Butter Chicken Masala. Rave also has live music on Fridays and Saturdays where different local musicians come to showcase their musical talents. All in all, Rave is a good place where you can go enjoy some quality time with friends and family over delicious and wholesome food. We highly recommend it. 

Buffalo Chicken Wings
Price: Rs 450
Rating: ****

The spices that coated these buffalo wings were absolutely delicious. So much so that I simply had to ask the chef what made it so tangy and flavorful. Turns out it was all the doing of “piri piri” sauce. The wings are lavishly coated in the sauce, giving it a spicy, sweet and sour taste. The meat in the wings was juicy and the portion is good for two people. This was my personal favorite from all the dishes served at Rave. I suggest you give up on the knife and fork and get your hands dirty for this one.  

Rs 580
Rating: ****

Every Wednesday, Rave hosts a ladies night where their ladies customers get 20 percent off on all the cocktails they have to offer, so make sure to go along with your girlfriends for a fun, booze-filled night out. And we suggest you start out with some margaritas. Fresh and light, these are just the drinks you want to sip on while catching up with friends on a hot summer night.

Chicken Biryani
Rs 570
Rating: ****

Very little can go wrong with biryani and as a restaurant that specializes in the best of Indian cuisine, the Chicken Biryani did not disappoint. The portion is a good fill for two or maybe even three people and, served in a chic little copper bowl, biryani rice was soft and warm and the chicken was flavorful (would’ve been even better if it were a little juicier). But what stole the show was the gravy – thick and bursting with all the right flavors – that was fragrant and delectable. 

Angel Mojito
Rs 330
Rating: ****

Mojitos are ‘the’ drinks for the summer and Rave does it like how it should be done – simple and delicious. Served in a cute little mason jar, the punch of the lemon and mint added an extra zing to the mojito. The mojito works great as a refresher on a hot summer day and goes well especially with chicken dishes.

Volcano Prawn
Price: Rs. 650
Rating: ***

Served in a voluptuous margarita glass, Volcano Prawn consists of fried prawns paired with thick, supple mayo and tempura flour based sauce. The sauce went with the fried prawns very well and turned them into a creamy delight. Make sure to share this with friends or family, over drinks, as it might get a little too creamy and heavy for you to handle alone.

Rave Special Mocktail
Price: Rs 340
Rating: ***

The Rave Special Mocktail is a sweet delight served in a tall glass. It’s a mix of litchi juice and lemon juice, with a dash of grenadine and blue lagoon syrup. The sweet taste balances really well with all the savory dishes on the menu so order this drink when you aren’t in the mood for anything that’s too strong.

Rave Restaurant
Where    :     Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur
Parking    :     Paid parking opposite to the restaurant 
Delivery    :     Only around Jhamsikhel
Extra charges    :     VAT

Where: Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur
Parking: Paid parking opposite to the restaurant 
Delivery: Only around Jhamsikhel
Extra charges: VAT

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