The Man She Needs

Published On: January 20, 2017 11:20 PM NPT By: Bhawana Tiwari

“Because life is all about compromise, you never get what you want, you are already 24 and have to do it,” my mother said. “He is rich, handsome, educated and most importantly a PR holder in Australia,” she added. Meanwhile, my father asked my sister to take some time.

My sister, these days, is flooded with marriage proposals, and tired of saying no. May be she is tired of rejecting but my family would never get tired of showing her next best alternative.

A girl in her mid-twenties is parent’s obligation. The stories in my society are similar to my sister’s story. Some dream of a rich husband with cars in their late teen where some dream of marrying their present boyfriends. And some again make plans to marry a PR holder abroad. These girls go through the similar struggle but the story might be different for a girl who loves her independence and ideology.

After two days, my sister came up with an idea of rejecting this alternative too. Everyone is allowed to make choices in our family but with valid justification, so for my sister saying no wasn’t the problem rather the real problem was her later justification. 

She was hungry for her own identity. She wasn’t expecting a diamond ring from her husband but wanted to earn on her own. I heard a different story that night, the story that unfolds climax and was generally non-occurring. She dreams of a man: tall in self-esteem and high in life; a self-made man who respects others and treats everyone fairly.

She kept on talking about her choice and compelled me to go through my expectations that time. May be there is nothing to do with social hierarchy while making life choices.

Rich, classy and big party throwers are not the heroes of my story anymore. He who is rich in virtue, classy in character and smart in thoughts can take away my attention than typical eye luring characters.

Bhawana is an undergraduate student at Kathmandu School of Management

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