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Published On: May 3, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

KATHMANDU, May 3: The Election Commission of Nepal launched ‘ ECN’ app on Friday to inform people about the election which is to be held on May 14 and June 14.

The app can be downloaded through Google Play Store, App Store or website of Election Commission of Nepal. It would be better if the iOS is at least above 9.0 and can be used in both English and Nepali.

“We developed this app with an objective to reach people all over Nepal and urge them to vote,” said Laxmi Prasad Yadav, chief of the information technology division of the commission and joint secretary. 

The app consists of nine different features and each one of them has its own unique function.

Election program
This feature of the app is divided into two different parts. It has divided election to be held on May 14 and June 14 into phase 1 and phase 2 respectively. Users can check the schedule for candidate nomination, publishment of candidates, claim and objection, verification of nomination, candidate’s list publishment , withdrawal of candidate, final candidate list, assignment of symbol to candidate and voting. This feature will make it easy for the users to check important dates related to election and help them keep updated with the major events. 

Send event SMS
This feature is specifically designed for authorized personnel working for election commission. Through this feature authorized personnel can communicate with each other through unique codes or messages to keep each other updated with the recent happenings of election.

Voter info
This feature will help the user of the app to get additional information of the voter. To make sure that someone doesn’t misuse the information, this feature has made it must to enter date of birth or citizenship number along with the voter number.

Voter no. search 
Voter Number Search is one of the important feature of ECN. If a previously registered voter doesn’t remember or know their voter number then they can simply fill in the name of their district , their ward number , name if their rural municipality or municipality , their sex and date of  birth. After the user presses search button they will be provided with their voter number.

Polling location/centre
If a registered voter doesn’t know their polling location or centre they can simply enter their voter number and press the search button which will help them identify their polling location or centre.

Election result
This feature will present the user with the result of the election which will also display list of candidates along with the vote count. Users need to enter the name of their district , local level along with the post and press the search button.

This feature of the app consists of press release for media from the Election Commission. It also consists of code of conduct, news and observer. The observer will lead the user to the website of Election Commission which has specified the terms and condition if an individual wants to be the observer during the election. 

Candidate info
This feature of the app will provide users with information of candidate. Users can simply enter the name of their district and local level along with the post and press the search button. This will present the users of the app with the final list of candidates.

Voter education
This feature will lead the user of the app to a YouTube video of Election Commission of Nepal. This video will teach the user correct method and guidelines of voting. This will prevent voters from making mistakes during the election which can result into collection of invalid vote.

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