The charm of co-working spaces

Published On: August 16, 2019 07:46 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

With more and more people working for themselves and starting their own projects and businesses, co-working spaces have become increasingly popular. According to the website, there are more than 10 co-working spaces in Kathmandu. So, what is it that attracts people, especially young entrepreneurs, to these co-working spaces? 

Nirakaar Sharma and Nirvaan Sharma, founders of Rem.Work HQ, a company that aims to provide premium co-working spaces, located in Baluwatar, Kathmandu, say there are many benefits of renting a co-working space. Not having to manage an “office” space on your own and chances to network and connect with other likeminded people are some plus sides of co-working spaces. Here, the duo take us through the co-working space at Rem.Work HQ and also talk about how co-working space and experience can be vastly different from working at home.   

Access to premium service to make your work hassle free
According to the duo, the co-working spaces around Kathmandu are either a little too expensive for Nepali startups (with premium facilities) or reasonably priced but with only basic amenities. With Rem.Work HQ, they want to find a middle ground by providing premium services at an affordable price. “Essentially, for a co-working space, all you need is internet access and a desk and a chair. But to provide a premium service is to look at the secondary needs as well,” explains Nirvaan. This includes air conditioning, a kitchen, a meeting room, recreational area, parking, lockers, etc. It’s also about creating a good work environment. 

Another thing that a co-working space needs is ample amount of space for its workers. The space should come equipped with bathrooms, windows and should feel open and airy. “You can’t be creative in a small, dark room without windows,” says Nirvaan adding that a good co-working space should have plenty of space for people to get comfortable in. They should be able to move around freely and with ease. It shouldn’t feel claustrophobic and sterile. 

Moreover, co-working spaces like Rem.Work HQ solves the problem of creating an office for start-ups. “For start-ups, a new office can easily create a dent in their funds. This is where the concept of a co-working space comes in – for a certain sum, the company handles all the office logistics so one can focus on their business without much hassle,” says Nirakaar.  

Fueling motivation and creativity
If all that a co-working space needed was a desk and a chair and unlimited internet access, then couldn’t you simply stay at home and do your work? After all, it’s free and you don’t even have to get ready to go to work. That’s always a good thing but working from home requires a lot of discipline and not all of us have that.  

However, it’s important to realize that a co-working space is more than just a place where you sit and work. It’s a place that can inspire and fuel ideas. A good co-working space can further fuel your drive to work smart and give it your best shot. Seeing other people work can also make working fun. 

In the case of Rem.Work HQ, the duo has set up a small library where people can relax and read and there is also a recreational room (complemented by a ping pong table). “Whenever you are working for long hours on a project, it’s only natural to want to break the monotony,” says Nirakaar adding that, at Rem.Work HQ, people can play a game or two, read their favorite chapter from a book, and have a little chit chat on the rooftop until they are ready to get back to work again.

Moreover, according to the duo, the ambiance of the co-working space also adds to the motivation and efficiency of the people working in that place. “We have added potted plants in our space and we also plan to add artworks that will not only inspire people but also give another dimension to the rooms,” says Nirvaan. He admits that the purpose of putting all these décor accessories like indoor plants and game boards like ping pong tables is also to get their clients interacting with one another. This, he says, can help create a niche of entrepreneurs who can support one another along the way.

A wonderful opportunity to build a network
Another main idea of a co-working space, according to the duo, is building a network of people from different fields and business and getting them talking and interacting with one another. Be it while preparing coffee in the shared kitchen or while reading books in the library, they want entrepreneurs, who otherwise would have no time or reason to meet, to get to know one another. “A co-working space is not just a rentable office space, it’s a hub for creative people to collaborate and learn from one another,” says Nirakaar.  However, this doesn’t mean one has to constantly be talking to and connecting with other people while using a co-working space. “You can also opt to rent a private room where you can work without anyone disturbing you. But you will still have ample chances to connect with other entrepreneurs,” concludes Nirakaar. 

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