The art of makeup

Published On: November 11, 2016 09:41 AM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

Whether you’re a fan of makeup or not, you will always wants to look your best. After all, how you look isn’t only about crafting a good first impression but it also dictates how you feel about yourself. The Week’s Reya Shreya Rai speaks to beautician Neharika Rana at Sparsh Spa to bring you the basic do’s and don’ts of makeup and tips for a subtle interview look to cocktail queen ones. 

What are the basic dos and don’ts when it comes to daily application of makeup?

First of all, never overdo your makeup. While applying makeup on a daily basis, make sure that you never apply too much foundation. Always keep in mind that we should apply makeup in accordance to the weather and seasons as well. During wintertime, it’s always best to keep your skin moisturized so that the foundation doesn’t flake up due to dry and patchy skin. In seasons like this, oily skin transforms into dry and dry skin become drier. So, always moisturize your skin before applying makeup and keep your body hydrated.  

Secondly, primer is the most vital thing when it comes to makeup.  It makes sure that the makeup doesn’t penetrate through the skin layers. Plus, the additional makeup sticks on the face and stays there for longer hours. Also, contouring gives a nice structure to your face but you have to learn to do it right. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn this basic of makeup.

How do you select good makeup products?

People say that even though the products might be cheap, they work just as fine as the expensive ones. I do not believe in this mantra. We have to be careful about what we put on our skin. We can’t use products that are harsh and will damage it. So, we should only select the best for it. I believe in good quality makeup. Choose good, established brands even if they are a little expensive. The better the brand, the better the outcome of the makeup. 

How do you select the right foundation for your skin?

Our necks are naturally a tad bit darker than our face and so are our hands. So, although a lot of people tend to test it in these two points often, the correct spot is actually on the lower jawline. Make sure that the foundation is always a shade lighter than your actual skin tone.

Makeup always oxidizes which is why it becomes a little darker after a few hours. So, to avoid this always opt for lighter foundations. 

Could you give us some winter makeup tips?

Highlighters are the most important tools that will make it easy for to tackle winters. Select cream based or baked highlighters and light up your cheekbones. Like I already said, even people with oily skin may experience dryness. Likewise, people with dry skin will suffer more. So, your makeup ends up looking really bad if your skin transforms into a dry and patchy one. When you focus on your cheekbones and keep the rest minimal, there is no risk of the makeup looking blotching as your skin transforms.

How do we make sure that our makeup lasts for a good number of hours throughout the day?

For your makeup to last long, always purchase waterproof products. They last longer than normal makeup and make sure that water and moisture don’t affect them. Here again, primers are a must because this is what will make your makeup stay. My personal favorite is the MAC Fix + which is as effective as it gets and a star product. Not only does it make your makeup last longer but it also gives a natural and dewy finish.

Could you give us some tips to touch up our day makeup for a party look with minimal effort?

I would recommend beautifully shaped eyebrows, perfectly arched eyeliner, and subtle pink gloss for a smart office look. For an evening out, you can never go wrong with smokey eyes. You just have to add the right eyes shadow to your daytime makeup and you’ll be good to go. Select warm browns and coffee hued eye shadows. Keep one in your bag at all times to transform yourself. Oxblood colored lipsticks are in trend now so do your lips with deeps shades like oxblood and burgundy for an added effect. 

The perfect look for a job interview
You definitely wouldn’t want to look too made up for a job interview. Flaunt you natural beauty by accentuating it. Well-groomed eyebrows never fail to make someone look smart. Apply foundation and a just hint of blush to make your face look fresh and appealing. If you’re an eyeliner person, stick to simple eyeliner and subtle lipsticks in pink, nude or peach.

First date 
A date calls for sparks and sunshine so a highlighter comes in handy then. So, highlight away to make your best feature stand out but don’t go too dramatic for a first date itself.  Opt for pink and shimmery eyes – subtlety at its best. Light blush and rosy lips shall do justice for a flirtatious day ahead.

An evening rendezvous
Here you can’t go wrong with dramatic smoky eyes…and lots of glitter, of course. Glitter implies that you’re ready to party and dance the night away. Complete the look with a perfectly blended highlighter and contour. If you’re a cocktail girl, opt for nude lips so that touch-ups aren’t necessary every five minutes.

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