Thank you Tuberculosis!

Published On: March 24, 2017 11:20 PM NPT By: Sanjay Maharjan

Tuberculosis (TB) became a very good friend of mine. I had no idea when we first met but meeting TB was a blessing in disguise. It helped me broaden my vision and most importantly, gave me an opportunity to know myself. It stayed with me for six months and gave me amazing memories. Before I got diagnosed with TB, my life was hectic; I used to rush to volunteer in different events from morning to evening. I hardly had time for my family. I was lost in my own world where my focus was only work. 

Then, one evening while I was returning home from office, I spitted blood on the bus. I then started seeing blood on cough and made me realize that I needed to consult doctor as soon as possible.

I couldn’t visit the doctor on same day as the clinic nearby was closed. Then next morning while I was in college, the same thing happened and I couldn’t breathe. I was then rushed to hospital by my friends.

Doctor diagnosed me with Tuberculosis after sputum test and X-ray. This declaration turned my world upside down. But this persuaded me to see beauty of life. My time off from work turned into vacation. I spent more time with my family and focused on all the good things life had to offer. I got time to spend with myself. I read many spiritual books and meditated daily to stabilize my emotions.

When I was at home, I got the opportunity to witness my parent’s love and my affection for them only grew deeper. 

I then started visiting museums as I had always wished to know my culture and tradition.  I even got into photography and secured first position in a competition organized by Search for Common Ground. I graduated from UCLAN University in IT, representing Softwarica College of IT & Management at the same time. 

I even launched my own personal website and started writing poems and articles. Tuberculosis didn’t stop me from achieving my dreams and fulfilling my hobbies. The journey which was supposed to lead me closer to death made me realize how I should actually be living life. Getting diagnosed with the disease gave me an opportunity to learn lessons about life. This made me come face to face with the fact that unfavorable condition can’t stop us. How we feel depends upon our state of mind and I thank Tuberculosis for making me realize this!

Sanjay is director at Computer Online Centre

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