Tea Testing Centre for the first time in country

Published On: June 27, 2019 03:35 PM NPT

ILLAM, June 27: Tea Testing Centre is going to be constructed at Suryodaya municipality of Ilam, for the first time in the country. The center is constructed to improve the quality of tea.

The State 1 government has allocated Rs 50 million in the budget of coming fiscal year 2019/20 for the construction of the building in order to complete it within two years. Mayor of Suryodaya municipality Rana Bahadur Rai said, the municipality would allocate additional budget required for the construction of the building.

He said, "There will be 80 percent partnership of the State government and 20 percent of the municipality for the building of center going to be constructed at Rs 260 million." Tea farmers believe that construction of the tea testing center would help in promotion of market of orthodox tea of Ilam.

Organic test of tea would also be carried out in the tea testing center. The compulsion of conducting the organic test of tea taking it to foreign countries spending a huge amount of money would come to an end after the construction of a tea testing center.

Mayor Rai said that all process for the organic test tea would be conducted in the country and it would be sent out for the final result. The tea information center would also be operated from there.

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