Surviving the corporate world

Published On: August 16, 2016 09:09 AM NPT By: Republica

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: You are elated with the news that you’ve been hired. But what most fresh employees fail to understand is that keeping your job is actually a difficult task. And with the high unemployment rate in the country, anyone would think twice to retain their current position. So why not follow these practical steps to ensure that you lengthen your stay.  

Create healthy relationships
Most people know that the key mantra to attain and retain a job is via networking. It doesn’t matter what your position is in the organization because when the time comes to fire few people in difficult times, your connection matters. Knowing people and having a healthy relationship can ensure your retention higher. 

Broaden your skills 
It is always ideal and practical to add skills in your portfolio. Although you might be assigned for a particular work, but it’s beneficial to develop additional skills that will make the organization think that it needs you. 

Be always ready 
What employers look for in an employer is the attitude of an employee. One should always have a good and positive attitude towards work and others. At a time when companies are facing innumerable issues, it is crucial that an employee is ready to pull up their sleeves to assist the company in any ways.   

Solve problems 
Every organization suffers from on-going problems and they’d be more than happy if an employee can solve it. 21st century is challenging with new emerging problems so it is essential to have a problem-solving mindset. That changes the game.  

Treat your boss good 
It is always good to have a sound relationship with your boss or immediate supervisor. Everyday good impression is the best policy. While it is false to say that all bosses and supervisors treat their subordinates well, in such cases it is ideal to pursue a different approach in dealing the matter.  

No organization wants to hire a dishonest and unreliable employee. It is a good point if an employee is reliable for the company. Often companies have their own agendas and secrets so it’s good if a person is whom they can trust. 

It is a known fact that organizations like flexible people. Nobody likes someone who’s not a team player. A company runs because of people and not by a single person. If you can work in the team, then it’s great.

The above-mentioned tips won’t guarantee your survival in a competitive, ruthless corporate world. You have to understand one thing that nothing is guaranteed in this world. There’s no full insurance or lifetime security whatsoever. Failures, rejections, and firings are a part of life. Learn to accept it and move on. And a universal thing to understand is that any company staring at financial crunch will be compelled to let people go. Reducing staffs by companies is not a new phenomenon. At times even retaining your job can become a gamble. But working on to make your chances better to survive in the corporate world is better than doing nothing.

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