Sunsari is hub for Indians seeking Nepali citizenship

Published On: November 15, 2016 01:27 AM NPT By: Amar Khadka

ITAHARI, Nov 15: Notorious Indian criminal Niranjan Hoji, who has been accused of involvement in various terrorist activities,  acquired Nepali citizenship from Dharan in Sunsari district back in 2006. He was given the citizenship on the basis of descent, under the government's mobile citizenship certificate distribution campaign.

Nunulal Urab, then chief of the Soil Test Laboratory at Jhumka who was responsible for providing the clearance for Hoji and the recommendation for citizenship, was released on bail.

Despite being an Indian national, Hoji managed to acquire Nepali citizenship through the furnishing of false particulars. Sadik Miya, a local of Madhuwapur-6 in Saptari, had filed a complaint challenging Hoji's Nepali citizenship. Police are still investigating the case.

Likewise, the District Administration office (DAO) Sunsari has received complaints against Alam Ansari of Supaul, India, after he acquired Nepali citizenship through descent under the same mobile campaign in Sunsari. He had claimed that he is the son of Khusid Miya, a local of Devangunj-6. Imran Ansari of Devangunj filed a case against him, demanding investigations into the case.

Chotkan Sah, another local of Supaul, India, also acquired Nepali citizenship on the basis of descent. His citizenship paper claims that his father is Ramji Sah of Belgachiya-5.

These are just a few representative cases. It has come to light that a large number of Indians have taken Nepali  citizenship under the mobile citizenship certificate distribution campaign in Sunsari. Distribution of Nepali citizenship certificates to Indians did not stop even after the termination of the campaign.

Likewise, most of the convicts who escaped  from Jhumka prison in Sunsari district through a tunnel on November 8, 2012 were either Indian or Bangladeshi nationals possessing Nepali citizenships and passports. As many as 12 criminals had escaped.

One of them was Ali Asafar Ansari, who acquired Nepali citizenship from Simriya-5. Also known as Subrat Ben, he is now serving jail terms in India.

Not just Indians, Bangladeshi nationals have also been acquiring Nepali citizenship in the district. Just a week ago, six Bangladeshis were arrested in Inruwa, and of these two had fake Nepali citizenship. Deputy Inspector of Police (DSP) Binod Ghimire at District Police Office Sunsari said they are carrying out investigations.

Most of the complaints filed at the DAO regarding the acquiring of citizenship by foreigners have been filed against Indians. A few of them are Bangladeshis.

"Those who are eligible can easily acquire citizenship from the DAO any time. But the government's mobile citizenship certificate distribution campaign makes it easy for foreign nationals also to do so," said Parshuram Ghimire, an employee at the DAO. 

Ghimire cited a lack of human resources for verifying the recommendations for citizenship application under the government's last mobile campaign

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