Suicide cases on the rise in Okhaldhunga

Published On: September 15, 2019 08:35 AM NPT By: Sher Bahadur Jero

OKHALDHUNGA, Sept 15: Nabin Pariyar and Ganga Pariyar married amid a huge celebration on June 11. Nabin, a local of Bhadaure village of Chishkhugadhi Rural Municipality and Ganga, from Rawabeshi Rural Municipality of Khotang seemed quite happy after marriage, according to their families. Nabin left for Kathmandu, 20 days after the wedding date. 

He returned home soon as his wife Ganga, who was appearing for the SEE, wanted him around. ‘The couple was very supportive of each other’. Ganga was supposed to take test at Khotang, her earlier address. After the examinations were over, she wanted her husband to take her along for which, Ganga called Nabin on August 21. 

Nabin was on his way and no sooner than he reached Jaljaletar, he got a phone call. He was told by Ganga’s family member that Ganga committed suicide. She hung herself. This news left him shocked and 18 days later, he also ended life the same way. 

While it is not known whether Ganga’s was a suicide or murder case, Nabin had hinted that he wouldn’t be alive without his wife. Later police also confirmed that he committed suicide. He had left a suicide note addressed to his deceased wife. “You went away before me, but I am coming after you. This decision is solely mine and no one else is responsible for it,” the suicide note read. 

“Apparently, they were happy. It is very shocking to see all this now,” says Nabin’s brother Sonu Darji. “Sister-in-law had gone to her maternal home in consent. She was there just for examinations, it is not known what happened to her; but my brother couldn’t endure her loss,” he added. 

Krishna Kyapchhi Magar, chairperson of Chishkhugadhi Rural Municipality–6, also briefed the suicidal case the same way. “We visited their house after this incident, the situation was very tragic,” he said. 

The story of Pasang Sherpa is no less disturbing. A local of Molung Rural Municipality – 7, he was in love with a girl in his neighborhood. He talked to the girl’s family and their marriage was fixed in March. He looked very excited and even set out to distribute invitation cards to his friends and relatives. 

With the marriage only three days away, he did something strange. He hung himself. According to reports, his family members were not that happy with his decision. 

According to chairperson of the ward, Hem Sunar, he committed suicide. “Investigation of the police indicate that he committed suicide as he was overstressed; he was in tension,” Sunar said. Pasang was a returnee migrant worker who was in Malaysia for the last three years.

These incidents are just the tip of iceberg. Suicides are in fact getting more and more common in the district. As per the data of the district police office, a total of 31 people committed suicide in the fiscal year 2016/17. 

Next year, the number rose to 42. Last year, 62 people in the district committed suicide and this fiscal year (2019/ 20), 17 have already taken life in the first two months. 

“The number is very alarming. And it is on the rise,” said police inspector, Rajiv Shrestha. “And these cases have not occurred in any particular age group. The deceased include from very young to elders,” he added. 

According to the police, people aged 12 to 60 have committed suicide in the last few years. While many choose to hang themselves, some others consume poison to finish their life. 

“Financial or emotional crisis are often the reasons behind such tragedies. Some kill themselves also due to prolonged illnesses,” said Shrestha. 

“Massive awareness campaigns should be launched to combat such tragic deaths. People should be made aware that life is precious and a fighting spirit should instilled in them to brave challenges in life,” he added. 

Inspector Shrestha further stated that suicides among those in their early teenage are often related to family problem or love affairs. “They need proper counseling so that they do not choose the wrong way,” he said. 

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