Styling hats for winter

Published On: January 17, 2020 10:23 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Many people avoid wearing hats and caps during winter because they think hats and caps don’t look fashionable enough. That doesn’t necessarily have to be true. With so many styles and designs of hats and caps available in the market, you can surely find a design that fits your personal style. And here, we’ve broken down some of the most popular styles of hats and caps and how you can style them.

If you are dressing up for a winter party or an important get together but feel like you are a little underdressed, just pop on a beret and head out. They keep you warm while making you look super stylish and chic. Berets might also be the single most popular winter hats among fashion enthusiasts. Because there are varieties of berets out there, pick a design that fits your style the best. If you are going for a casual vibe, don’t worry too much about matching your beret with your outfit. A colorful casual outfit with a neutral colored beret or a neutral colored outfit with a colorful beret works best for this. But if you are heading somewhere more fancy or formal, match your beret with your outfit in some form—it could be with your shoes, the color of the top you’re wearing or simply the texture of your dress.

Cossack hat and trapper hat
If you are always complaining about being cold during the winter months, you should try wearing Cossack and trapper hats. Both of these hats are thick, big and fuzzy, thus keeping your head warm all winter. Because Cossack hats are just a fuzzier version of beanies, they are pretty easy to style as well. Wear them as you would wear a beanie. But because of the two ear flaps dangling from its sides, trapper hats are a little difficult to style. There isn’t really a right way to wear these hats as they are made more for functionality and warmth than style. But we do recommend you keep the rest of your outfit simple and basic while wearing this hat. You can also follow the basic rules of styling accessories—like, matching its color with your outfit and wearing minimal jewelry with it—to make your overall outfit look more stylish.

Baker boy cap and newsboy hat
Although baker boy caps and newsboy hats are two different styles of headwear, they look similar and give off almost the same vibe. Both of these are mostly worn casually. They can be great pieces to accessorize with for anyone who loves dressing up androgynously. An example of it can be pairing this cap/hat with a straight silhouette blazer (or a blazer dress) and a pair of boots. It looks semi-formal, androgynous and chic. Baker boy caps and newsboy hats can also be styled with boxy and cropped jackets, and straight leg pants or mom jeans. For a more elevated look, style this cap/hat with a turtleneck sweater, a skirt, a pair of tights, a pair of chunky shoes and a cross body bag. Because baker boy caps and newsboy hats are chunky themselves, pair them with minimal jewelry and accessories to avoid looking too messy.

Beanies are a must for winter. They are warm, cozy and versatile pieces that can be worn in different ways and with different styles. If you aren’t that experimental with your clothing—especially during the winter months when everyone is decked in dark colors—wearing a colorful or patterned beanie could be a great way for you to add a little personality to your outfit. Or you could simply opt for a black beanie that pairs well with almost anything you wear. There are also many ways to wear a beanie. If you have a big face or head, wear a smaller beanie that clings to your head. People with smaller faces or heads will benefit from wearing chunky beanies as it adds length to your head (or face), but make sure you don’t pull it over your ears and instead wear it a little back, letting a little bit of your hair peek through.

Bucket hat
Bucket hats are back in fashion. And unlike berets that can make every outfit look fancier, addition of bucket hats to any outfit makes it look more casual—almost sporty. Bucket hats with a longer rim—these kinds of hats are also called picnic hats—are a must when you are traveling because they can block direct sunlight from your eyes (like baseball caps). For everyday use, try out bucket hats with shorter rims. While a patterned, denim or a nylon hat is suitable for casual use, you could opt for plain bucket hats made from fabrics like cotton, satin, velvet or leather if you want to look more dressed up. Plain hats (that also match the color of your outfit) make your look appear more cohesive and put together. Similarly, big and floppy bucket hats suit casual outfits more while fitting and firm hats can make your outfit look quite fancy.

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