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Published On: March 20, 2020 11:32 AM NPT By: Anweiti Upadhyay

22-year-old Sharmila Nepal’s career as a model began when she joined the lineup of the seventh season of the ‘En Vogue’ finalists. After winning the ‘Most Talented’ title at the competition, Nepal has gone on to walk multiple runways and has been featured in adverts for different brands. A second year BBA student and a model manager, Nepal mentions that she didn’t really think much about fashion before she attended a workshop at House of Fashion but now, she is very conscious of what she’s wearing and wants to present herself in the most flattering light possible. Here, she opens up to The Week about her style and fashion preferences.

How would you describe your style?
Although I don’t really want to slot my style into a singular category, I would say my style is down to earth and comfortable. I don’t have elaborate outfit plans and just go with my gut feeling while picking the pieces. If something looks off, I swap that piece with something more fitting and that’s it. Most of the time, I think my style looks pretty cool and effortless.

What are some things you take into account while getting dressed?
If I’m dressing myself, I think about how comfortable the outfit is and how much mobility it allows me to have more than anything else. If something looks great but I stumble everytime I walk wearing it then that’s a no-no for me. Another big factor is the weather. One must dress themselves according to the weather—you don’t want to freeze yourself or get uncomfortably sweaty because that definitely doesn’t look flattering at all.

What is your one tip to looking good everyday or in everything you wear?
I think as long as you are comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you can pull off just about anything. I know it’s a cliché but I’d also suggest you to be yourself. Try and find your own authentic style instead of imitating others. This takes some time and patience but the end result will be worth it because you will develop a unique style for yourself and wear the things you like instead of just being trendy. I’m not saying you shouldn’t experiment with your style but don’t wear what doesn’t go with you and your style just because everyone else is doing it.

Where do you look for fashion and style inspiration?
I get a a lot of fashion inspiration from fashion bloggers. I think bloggers have a really thorough understanding of fashion and style their pieces impeccably into great looks. I also scroll through a lot of fashion related pages and hashtags on Instagram to be updated with the happenings in the world of fashion. I also consider model Kaia Gerber as my personal fashion icon. She has a cool effortless style that I’m a big fan of.

Which is your favorite piece (of clothing or accessory) from your wardrobe?
I’m really into shades. I honestly don’t leave my house without donning a pair. I think they go along with most outfits and they make the wearer look very cool and kind of aloof. I buy them very often in different styles and have a huge collection. I buy most of my shades around Boudha since the shops there sell cool and fashionable ones at affordable prices.

If you could choose five of your favorite clothing items from your wardrobe, what would they be?
The first one is a black dress that I’m very fond of. I wore that during a music video shoot once and as it is pretty versatile I wear it often. Second is also a dress—a red sundress. I find dresses very comfortable so I wear them frequently. Next is a white bralet that I bought from a random vendor in Boudha—this piece is also very versatile and goes with most clothes in my wardrobe. I also like this pair of trousers I got from Basemark. It is orange and makes quite a style statement. Lastly, I like my black and white outer that covers me up and keeps me warm when the temperature drops.

Are you fond of accessories?
I’m not a jewelry person so I rarely, if ever, wear rings and stuff. I’m not very big on accessories in general as I think you can go wrong with it if you wear too many or style them incorrectly. So, I stay away from them unless I absolutely have to wear something. The things I do wear/carry include belts, because just that one piece elevates your outfit a lot, and bags to carry around my essentials.

Is there anything that is conventionally considered stylish or fashionable that you would never try?
I don’t think I’ll ever color my hair. I know many people play around with their hair colors and try out different shades and that changing hair colors actually works for many people once they find the shade that enhances their features and brings out their personalities. But that isn’t something I’m interested in. I like and cherish my naturally black hair.

What is your everyday skincare and makeup routine?
I have a very simple skincare routine. I do all the basics steps like cleansing and moisturizing every day. The only extra step I follow quite religiously is to apply an AHA cream two times a week. This exfoliates my skin, removes dead cells and also helps in cell regeneration. I also use lip balms pretty often. As for makeup, I mostly only use BB creams.

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