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Published On: August 18, 2017 06:43 PM NPT

With exams around the corner you might be looking for a peaceful place to study but with the dearth of libraries in our city and coffee shops being too nosy and crowded (not to mention expensive), you might not have an option but to put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door and hope your siblings give you some space. But that is highly unlikely. This is where Mero Reading Room located in mid-Baneshwor comes to your rescue.  

This new venture was started by three friends: Manzeel Uprety, Utsav Kadel, and Bijay Jung KC, with the sole purpose of providing students (and professionals alike) with a pleasant space where they can study as well as get some work done. 

 “Utsav and Bijay came back to Nepal and wanted to start their own business but they wanted to try something different which is why we came up with this new concept,” says Manzeel. “There weren’t study centers here in Kathmandu so we thought we would help bridge that gap,” he explains adding that they didn’t know whether their idea would actually work but they weren’t afraid of failure and were willing to give it their best shot. And indeed this relatively new concept has, in the short time since it has been in operation (the reading room is just four months old), proved to be a fruitful venture. 

Mero Reading Room provides various facilities that a student might need while preparing for an exam. Open from six in the morning till nine in the evening seven days a week, the reading room can cater to around 150 students. Each student will get a separate desk and there are even separate rooms for group discussions and high speed internet as well. “We even provide free water and locker facilities to our members,” he says. 

And the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about going out to eat as well. There is a canteen on the premises that serves varieties of food at reasonable prices. “We understand that it can be hard to concentrate on an empty stomach and you also don’t want to spend time going out in search of good food,” says Manzeel adding that there is even a garden where you can relax while eating or simply sit down with some tea when you are taking a break from studies or work. 
However, Manzeel mentions that the reading room was primarily created to provide a comfortable and relaxing study experience, and that the extra amenities are just there to make that process easier. Two MBBS graduates claimed to be very thankful for the services when this scribe asked them for their opinion about the reading room.

They were preparing for their MD entrance exams and said that the reading room provided them with just the right atmosphere to be able to concentrate on the hefty books in front of them. Perhaps, it’s the serene vibe the place exudes or the fact that everyone seems to be studying that motivates you to focus on the task at hand rather than getting distracted and wandering about, as you would do if you were studying alone at home. 

Manzeel mentions that when they first started the venture lack of kitchen and reception staff was an issue that created many problems but now Mero Reading Room is functioning at its optimum best as there is enough staff to cater to all their clients.

“I believe we can be of immediate assistance if you face any problems while using our services,” he says adding that they are working to better their services and provide additional facilities as well. A library is being set up for that very purpose. Soon, the reading room will also be able to provide you books you might need. 

“Our fee structure might seem steep at Rs 3000 per month after the initial registration fee of Rs 1000 but you have to consider what we are offering here,” he says. There are also various packages available that can save you quite a bit of money if you are planning to use their services for a longer time period than just a month or two. As it is, it is definitely a lot cheaper than studying at a coffee shop. Also, members vouch for it productive ambience. Mero Reading Room might turn out to be just what you need to ace that exam.

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