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Published On: April 13, 2018 09:23 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Lack of storage is a common problem in almost every home. No matter how big a house seems initially, space is never enough when you start living there. As you gather books, clothes, and other items (the remnants of daily life), you find that your house starts looking cluttered. And especially since many people these days live in small apartments, space is always an issue. But it needn’t be. Here we have five smart ideas that can make storage a lot easier and hassle free and, along the way, make your space look much bigger than it actually is. 

Think multifunctional
Every space, no matter how small, needs a bed. And though it might occupy a large area, there are ways you can employ this piece of furniture to double as a storage item as well. While buying, make sure your bed has built-in storage features such as multiple drawers or under-the-panel space. Even your old one that doesn’t have drawers can be used to store things underneath it. However, remember to pack your belongings properly so that your things won’t get damaged. If you are storing clothes or shoes, then wash and dry them and cover them in plastic.

As for the rest of the furniture pieces around your house, go double duty. This includes furniture that can double as a sofa and a bed, a shelf that can also be used as a foldout table, window blocks in the bathroom that work both as window bars or hangers to dry clothes and hollow chairs to hide unnecessary items beneath it. You can also customize such items of your own designs at different carpentry stations. 

Modify your wardrobe
Wardrobes come with designed spaces for storing your valuables that sometimes may not be enough for you. In such cases, utilize the inner space properly. Instead of randomly throwing in your clothes or folding it, roll them. If the items are stiff and rolling is impractical, simply put them beneath the rolled ones. You can also make use of the front and sides of the wardrobe by installing hanging rods and clips. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by setting a chain across the top of your wardrobe and hanging several hangers on its loops. 

Invest in shelving
In a small space shelving can be your best friend. Creative shelving lets you showcase things in an organized way. All you need to do is play with different widths and scatter them randomly at unused places such as corners, or below the stairs. You can either have built-in racks, drawers, or attach long wooden pieces across the length of the walls. Pile them high with books, DVD, décor accessories and other memorabilia. However, make sure you leave some empty spaces between the items to give your home an airy look and feel. 

Hang cloth bags and use hooks
Hang simple cloth bags behind doors and life in a small space will get so much better. From used towels to dirty socks in the bathroom, and pajamas to little knickknacks in the bedroom or your apron to groceries in the kitchen, these bags can hold anything and everything. You can find cloth bags in different sizes and patterns and simply use them for storage. You can also hang a tote bag on doorknobs as well. Also, another really nifty thing to do to maximize storage in a small space is make use of hooks. These comes in all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes and can be used anywhere around the house. You can use it to hang your belts, scarves, ties and bags in the bedroom or hallway or even use them to store utensils in the kitchen as well. 

Get creative
Decorating rooms with artworks is now a common trend. But how about changing decorative pieces into storage elements? For this, position a board with nails and clips to hold your bangles, necklaces, earrings or other jewelry on the wall where you plan to hang artwork. After this, cover the board with a thin and light canvas in such a way that it becomes easy to open and close the board. If feasible enough, you can attach a folding pin between your art and the board behind. This way you can secure your jewelry away from a drawer. This means you will have more free space for your documents, medicines, or makeup products.

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