'STC, Humla depot has sufficient stock of salt'

Published On: January 23, 2018 04:08 PM NPT

HUMLA, Jan 23: The Salt Trading Corporation (STC), Humla has refuted media reports stating the district is under the crisis of salt. 

STC Humla depot chief, Raj Bahadur Lama said the depot has sufficient stock of salt. The depot has currently the stock of 1,240 quintals of salt. 

"But the national-level print and electronic media report that there is the compulsion for Humla people to walk for 19 days to Taklakot to get salt," he said, refuting such reports. He, however, admitted that there was no supply of salt to a few rural settlements lacking easy access to the district headquarters where the depot is located. 

According to him, last year Tej Bahadur Mahat who was given the contract of transporting 3,878 quintals of iodized salt to rural areas, supplied only 1,824 quintals and he was already fine for so. RSS

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