Spring wear for women

Published On: February 17, 2017 10:55 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

With the spring right on our doorsteps, it is time to banish the bulky winter wardrobe and bring out the colorful and patterned clothes to welcome the warmer months. But this time of the year, you will want to make sure you have light layers on if you are planning to stay out for the evening.

During the day, with the rising temperature, you can even wear half sleeved clothing. While stepping out of the house in the morning have easily shed-able clothes that you can wear or take off, when and if you feel too hot. The Week hunted through some women’s clothing stores at Civil Mall, Sundhara, and is presenting some ways to help you look stylish and classy in these weather wise confusing time of the year. 

Business casuals

Many don’t have the luxury to dress casually during work days, and then there are many others, who, despite getting to wear casual, like to keep it a little formal while they are at office. This outfit is perfect for meetings where you need to be a little formal but get to bring a little bit of fun and colors to it.

Floral dress: 2700 (Runway)

Shoes: 1950 (Wills) 

Bag: 2400 (Wills)

Earrings: (Models own)

Comfort first

The comfortable green sweater with the flow-y pants is the ultimate spring outfit, which keeps you both warm and makes you look cool. The statement neck piece is the center of this look as well and helps make the green of the sweater pop. Wear this when you next hangout with your friends to instantly become the center of attention.  

Sweater:  2500 (The Limited)

Pants: 1800 (The Limited)

Boots: 2500 (Wills) 

Accessories: Price on request (Anx Studio)

Keeping it casual

Who said casual and comfortable can’t be chic and classy at the same time? For those who like to dress simply, this attire can easily become your go-to look. The shoes become the main focal point for this outfit and the coat and shoes can be worn with simple dresses as well.  

Jeans coat: 3690 (Dress Code)

Pant: 1600 (Dress Code)

Shoes: 1800 (Wills) 

Bralette: (Models own)

Elegantly classy

With this simple yet elegant pair of grey dress and black heels, you just can’t go wrong. The statement necklace piece ties the whole outfit together and is the center of attention for the ensemble. You can also pair it with ballet flats or ankle boots for some effortless styling.  

Grey dress: 5000 (The Limited)

Heels: 1800 (Wills)

Accessories: Price on request (Anx Studio)

Ring and Bracelet: (Models own)

Biker chic 

Bring out the inner tom-boy in you by pairing this floral dress with a leather jacket. The cheeky sparkly heels add an element of girly-ness in this outfit that the leather jacket takes away. Wear this for a night out to keep yourself warm while you party the night away. 

Floral dress: 2090 (Dress Code)

Leather jacket: 5000 (The Limited)

Heels: 2000 (Wills)

Earrings: Price on request (Anx Studio)

Text & Styling: Isha Upadhyay
Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi
Model: Rusha Manandhar

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