Spa for the stressed

Published On: October 5, 2018 07:45 AM NPT By: Rakshya Khadka

Mandala Studio Yoga and Spa in Thamel is one that initially began off as a yoga studio but later branched out to providing spa treatments as well. Kriti Karki, one of the co-founders of Mandala Studio Yoga and Spa, was a yoga instructor herself and initially started off by providing yoga sessions.

However, she felt a need to provide body massages as most of her clients complained of muscle cramping and sore limbs. “Over the years I have learnt that yoga sessions must be quickly followed by body massages. If not, then people gradually lose the motivation in learning yoga for fear of cramps and pain,” she says adding that yoga should be a means to relieve body from ailments not cause them.

The spa has been in operations for four years now. They boast a staff of expertly trained individuals and yoga instructors who hold masters’ degrees and doctorates in the art. Their services consist of a range of body treatments that cater to specific needs of their clients. They have treatments for muscle cramping, therapeutic relief, hot stone for everyone who doesn’t settle well with cold or those who have asthma.

There’s the Shirodhara therapy for those who battle with anxiety and depression. Chakra therapy is to maintain the imbalance of the energies in the body. Reiki and sound healing are especially designed to heal the body through sound vibrations and pal treatments.

Also highly sought for are the Swedish and Ayurveda massaging, both of which focus on detoxifying the body of toxins through traditional and non-traditional techniques. There is a deep tissue massage especially for athletes whose bodies need constant caring. It is quite ruthless on the body, Karki explains, elaborating that deep tissue massaging requires masseurs to make use of elbows and put high pressure on the joints.

Karki particularly notes that a significant proportion of her clientele consist of people embarking on expeditions to base camps and long hikes. Such undertakings have a stressful effect on the body and many people flock to the spa for cramp and joint pain relief.

The feedback thus far has been highly motivational to the staff and the owners. Many people hailing from both overseas and from Nepal have been signing up for yoga and massage trainings. And with the experts they house in the facility with Karki fronting the training, they have been all praises. Also the appreciation has been tagged to the facility itself, for the large gardens in a quiet and tranquil street of Thamel. “We wished to give relaxation to our customers through our services. There were no reasons why that shouldn’t extend that to our infrastructure as well,” Karki says.

Adding to the services are the packages that suit greatly to people’s need and limited finances. The Mandala Trekker Package is one that is particularly popular. It includes a whole package for trekkers and includes steaming, body scrubs and massages especially designed for trekkers. Mandala Day Package is also a crowd favorite. It begins with yoga sessions early in the morning, breakfast and lunch at the Himalayan Java, body scrubs, massage of your choice, Shirodhara, Reflexology, manicures and pedicures, sauna and facial glow all throughout the day. This is pampering of the royalty and all under Rs 12000 to boot. 

The team at Mandala Yoga Studio and Spa has been diligent in their purpose to give their customers a relaxing and healing experience. Varied services of top-notch standards by skilled professionals and all agreeable to the pocket, what a way to relax!


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