South Korea to extend visa term of foreign nationals by three months

Published On: April 10, 2020 05:20 PM NPT By: RSS

SEOUL, April 10: The South Korean government is to again extend the visa term of foreign citizens by three months.

This will apply to those foreign nationals whose visa term has expired or is on the verge of expiration.

The Ministry of Justice here stated on Thursday that this decision has been taken targeting the foreign nationals for whom it is impossible to return to their home country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nepali citizens who are in Korea and whose visa term has expired or is on the verge of so would also be benefited from this decision.

It is said that the visa term of 60,000 foreign workers in South Korea is expiring by May-end and this decision is specially targeted to these workers. This is the second time the visa term has been extended for the foreign workers here.

Before this, the South Korean government had extended the visa term by 50 days in February. One hundred and thirty thousand foreign nationals, including Nepalis, had benefited from this decision. With this decision, those who had extended their visa term last time can also apply for the visa extension.

However, it is said the bearers of E-9 and E-10 visas can have their visa term extended only after confirming their country's situation.

Currently, the government here has suspended issuing all types of visas. The foreigners who want a visa term extension can visit the website, or call 1345 for additional information.

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