Social media threats and safeguards

Published On: May 24, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

With the rising trend of communicating through social media, many social media threats have also been increasing accordingly.
Here, Republica talked to a few people about their views on the prevalent social media threats and the ways to prevent such online risks.

Tsheten Lama
Law student
With an increasing use of social media, it is likely that we are faced with both the merits and drawbacks of it. Although, social media is all about connecting and communicating to diverse number of people, the threat is likely to occur when confidential details and documents are shared online. Similarly, the celebrity name misuse is also the prevalent threat imposed by the hackers. In my view, the user should be highly careful handling their social media accounts while logging in and out from ones online account.

Prasim Yadav
SEE appeared
There are many threats that are prevalent in social media. Most youngsters seem to have made social media without having enough information about it. Cyber bullying is also a big threat prevalent in social media. To ensure that these threats don’t take reach to an extreme level people should avoid spam messages and unknown sites. People mustn’t immediately trust strangers that they happen to meet online. They should be aware about the hackers and cybercriminals to fight such risks and make a safe use of what social media has to offer.

Dolma Kumari Sherpa
As we know that social media like Twitter, Facebook etc. has changed the way how we interact with friends and family. It has undoubtedly made our lives easier in many ways.

However, it invites a lot of threats like confidential data leak, phishing attacks, personal data hack, which happens to create trouble in our lives. In order to prevent we must avoid sharing personal data on the social media like bank account, confidential documents or any personal details. Keeping a tight security by creating account with strong password also could help us fight against these social media threats.

Santosh Pokhrel
Post-graduate student
The creation of false reality through fake profile and identity, leakage of confidential and personal information imposes social media risks that are quite prevalent these days. I think improvement in online security, stronger cyber laws; social awareness could be helpful to prevent us from these threats. While to begin with ourselves, we should be careful not to click on spam or unwanted emails and refrain ourselves from accepting friend request from unknown person.

Dikshya Thapa
SEE appeared
Since every group of people is allowed to use social media without any restriction, the threats could invite a higher risk when it comes to individual and children using them without proper knowledge. The threats like revealing one’s personal information, clicking unknown links and following fake profiles can result to adopting unhealthy lifestyles in teens. I think one should primarily know about the do’s and don’ts before one spend their time online. In case of children they should be encouraged to take up extracurricular activities.

Arun Karki
Being active and connecting through social media has been a trend these days which has made communication easier however, many a time we hear of crimes and offensive activities taking place through social media. These criminal activities are likely to take place when we mingle our online and personal profile. I think such activities should be carried out in order to prevent ourselves from hacks and online threats because our security depends on how we make a proper use out of them.


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