Small kitchen ideas

Published On: September 6, 2019 10:05 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

A small kitchen needn’t be a space where you go just to make your morning cup of tea or whip up a quick breakfast before moving on to the balcony. With the right décor and setting, it can be a space where you actually enjoy sitting down with a fragrant cup of tea or have some breakfast before you need to rush for the day. It doesn’t matter how small the space is, here we run you through how you can make your tiny cooking area feel spacious and cozy at the same time.

Clear the clutter and organize
Wall cabinets can really encroach on space, so consider doing away with yours. Open shelving can make a huge impact in a small kitchen, creating an open and airy feel. The trick is to limit the amount of shelves you use, and what you keep on them. Also, if there are too many items cluttering your worktops, consider clever solutions like wall-mounted magnetic knife strips, rails to hang utensils, pans, mugs, spice jars and cutlery bins. Think about what you need to have to hand every day, such as chopping boards, wooden spoons, washing-up liquid, and what can be stored away until needed. When displaying things, try to organize everything by color so that your small space feels more cohesive.

Turn every possible corner into storage space
Identify places where there is wasted space, such as the gaps between shelves, at the back of cupboards, below the sink, unused corners and windowsills and put them to good use. Stack wherever you can and clear out kitchenware that’s not used frequently so you have less to store. Think also about relocating items that aren’t in everyday use, but you don’t want to throw out, to elsewhere in your home. Next, think about the space on your walls and doors – try adding a utensil rail or magnetic knife board, hooks on the sides of your cupboards or racks hung over a door. Extra shelves in corners will also come in handy.

Personalize it like any other room
The kitchen shouldn’t be just a functional space. So, keeping that in mind pay attention to its décor. First up, give old cabinets a fresh coat of paint and watch the space come alive with minimal effort. Then, consider getting a pendant light instead of boring fixtures that do nothing for the space. Hang some artwork or fun quotes related to food or fitness. Don’t over do it though. Get just one or two that you love and make it pop by placing it in a prominent area like next to the sink or cooking area. You can also use edibles like fruits and vegetables and even spices to your advantage here. Store fruits in pretty baskets and line up a rack with colorful spices in same-sized glass jars. 

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