Similar agendas of candidates fail to impress voters

Published On: November 16, 2017 06:30 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, Nov 16: In every election, voters expect the candidates to come up with new ideas and agendas that can make vast improvements in their localities. Besides that, they also expect the candidates to make sure that their agendas are different than that of their rivals. 

Shekhar Koirala of Nepali Congress (NC) and Lal Babu Pandit of CPN-UML, who are contesting from constituency-6 of Morang, have intensified their door-to-door visits as the date for the election inches nearer.  

'Why have you filed your candidacy?' this has been a repeated question to both of them by every voter. Both of them have the same answer that they want to make Biratnagar the capital of Province-1. 

Similarly in Morang, not just the candidates of parliamentary elections contesting from constituencies 4, 5 and but the candidates of provincial elections too are wooing the voters with the same agendas.  They all want to make Biratnagar the capital city of the province.  There are altogether 6,44,782 eligible voters in Morang, which is highest among all districts. 

"After developing some more infrastructures, Biratnagar would be the most suitable city of the provincial capital," said parliamentary candidate Koirala.

Candidates of all political parties have expedited their visits to their respective constituencies even in Sunsari. Interestingly, candidates of constituency -1 have expressed their desire to make Dharan the capital of the province while the candidates of constituencies 2, 3 and 4 want to make Itahari the capital of the province. According to the candidate of the democratic alliance Ashok Rai in constituency 1, Dharan meets all the criteria for being the capital of Province 6.  Besides that, candidates have promised to develop basic infrastructures such as transportation, electricity, education and health too.

Meanwhile, candidates of constituency -4 have prioritized the issues of Koshi flood victims as well but they too want to make Itahari the capital of the province.

Meanwhile, all the candidates of parliamentary and provincial elections have promised their voters to make Dhankuta the capital of the district.  To a large extent, this agenda has impressed the locals too. Dhankuta has a great historic and cultural importance and that is the reason why even the major parties like NC, CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist-Center) have prioritized this place.

(With inputs from our district reporters Ajit Tiwari from Biratnagar, Amar Khadka from Itahari and Siddharaj Rai of Dhankuta)


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