Signs you should quit your job

Published On: April 4, 2017 03:30 AM NPT By: Prasansha Rimal

KATHMANDU, April 3: Leaving a job is never easy as there is always a big risk factor of unemployment that comes along with it. But sometimes putting in papers can have more benefits. So how do we know when it’s the right time to quit? Quitting doesn’t always mean losing; sometimes it can even explore you to other opportunities you have been waiting for.

Signs mentioned below can help you ascertain when to resign.


You think about your job all the time

Thinking about work all the time is not healthy. You shouldn’t be spending your weekends thinking about your job and list of things you need to do while you are at work. This creates stress which neither is healthy for your mind nor body.


You have no limits

You should be able to limit how much you work and where you work. Bringing your work home is not healthy. If you are at the dinner table and checking emails, it’s a sign that you are overworked. This might also create feud among family members, and you will be blamed for being a workaholic.

You are not happy

This is a clear indication that you should quit. Something that doesn’t make you happy and just adds up stress is not worth your time – even if it pays well. Your happiness should always come first and your job shouldn’t bring you unwanted stress.


You are terrified of your boss

You should feel comfortable at your workplace. You shouldn’t feel terrified to voice out your opinion in front of your boss or supervisor. Yes, a certain amount of respect is necessary, but that doesn’t mean you start getting nightmares of your boss yelling at you in the middle of the night.


You dread going to work in the morning

This is a clear indication that something is wrong and you should think about quitting. Your work should make you feel happy and you should enjoy it. You shouldn’t have a tight knot in your stomach early in the morning when you think about your work. Your work should not make you want to vomit thinking about going to the work.


You are not paid enough

Time is money, and if you are not getting paid enough for the time you are investing on your work, it’s not worth your time. You should be paid well for your hard work, and should be appreciated for the contribution you make for the organization.


You don’t have 

Co-operative workplace environment

You should be able to get along the person you work with. If you always have discussions or fights with your colleagues, it will stop you from excelling in your work. As soon as you have disagreement, you need to be able to solve it through talks. If it doesn’t work, you need to take it to your boss. But even if your boss doesn’t seem to care, this proves that he doesn’t care how you feel. Harassment at workplace also proves that your workplace doesn’t have a friendly environment which should persuade you to start your job hunt.


Your skills are 

Not being utilized

If your company doesn’t trust your ability to work better, or for higher post, then you might need to start looking for another job. If you are not assigned to works that challenge you, it is a clear indication that your company doesn’t value you as much as it should.

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